Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The 8 Things Tag

Well here's a refreshing change from talking rubbish. I've been tagged by Tasha at Wahm-Bam and more recently Cartside over at Mummy Do That, to give a personal insight into my past, my plans and other random doo-dahs that occupy my thoughts.

I had planned to share some of my adventures in my garden, but that'll have to wait for another day, while the nosey one's amongst you discover what goes on in my head and what lies ahead when I'm not washing out the tin cans.

So, here's the 8 things thingymajig. Are you ready for it?

8 Things I'm looking forward to

  • The school holidays - fun times and lazy days with the children.
  • Visiting my sister and her family in Switzerland.
  • Broody hens starting to lay eggs again.
  • Making a tiara for a friend's wedding and enjoying a hen night to celebrate another friend's marriage.
  • A night out with Mr A for my 41st birthday - only 10 days to go.
  • Being taken out for lunch by two very cool dudes in London - (chaps, you know who you are and yes, you are pretty cool).
  • Going to see Calendar Girls with one of my best mates in the West End.
  • Being interviewed for TalkRadioEurope next week

8 Things I did yesterday

  • Started a collection to buy a class present for my youngest son's teacher and assistants.
  • Dropped into the BBC Radio Suffolk studio as a guest on the James Hazell show.
  • Made an impromptu visit to a friend's house for a surprise play-date.
  • Rang my ex-publisher in shock after discovering the release-data for cancelled book is still winging its way around Amazon and other online catalogues.
  • Started working on interview for a feature in an Irish national paper.
  • Met up with some friends at the Bury LETS bartering group: swapped some of our home-grown salad leaves, broccoli, basil and a couple of eggs for some magazines, home-made card, jam and digital camera advice.
  • Washed pants.
  • Watched Torchwood

8 Things I wish I could do

  • Bring an end to poverty, abuse, war and global warming.
  • Become fluent in Italian, Welsh, French and German.
  • Move next door to me old mucker Tracey Smith.
  • Live closer to my sister, which makes the above wish a really tough choice.
  • Do the Dunwich Dynamo moonlit bike ride.
  • Be serenaded by Take That.
  • Go shopping with Dawn French.
  • Enjoy a lie-in on a Sunday

8 Favourite fruits

  • Strawberries - only the sweetest will do
  • Raspberries - firm, ripe but not too squashy
  • Blueberries - best cooked in muffins
  • Tomatoes - best picked from the vine in your own garden
  • Gooseberries - tart - not the cooked kind, just tart
  • Nectarines - firm but sweet
  • Satsumas - at Christmas
  • Lemons - especially when freshly squeezed and diluted with water as a presse

8 Places I'd like to travel

  • St Davids, Wales - to relive faint memories of childhood.
  • Ireland - for missed opportunities.
  • York, England - to visit Ruby.
  • Italy - for pizza and passionate language.
  • Scandinavia - for the fjords.
  • Liechtenstein - because it's small and European.
  • Strattons in Norfolk - for sheer organic luxurious indulgence, without the kids.
  • The Moon - the most adventurous way to see the world, with the kids.

8 Places I've lived

  • Treharris, Wales: memories of working colliery, chapels, terraced houses and pubs.
  • Mountain Ash, Wales...furnacite, ice-cream van, baby sister and moving house in a Mini.
  • Sutton Bonnington, Leics... sheep, quaint road signs; bistro and university campus.
  • Nottingham...polytechnic, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn, & Trent Bridge.
  • Hemel Hempstead, Herts ... train Station, Boxmoor cricket & Dunstable Downs.
  • Berkhamsted, Herts...Ashridge Park, canal, Home & Colonial shop and cafe.
  • London...South Bank, visits to Chelsea, researching music data standards in Stretham.
  • Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk... enjoying motherhood, rubbish fun and tractors.

8 Lovely people I'm tagging...because I'm nosey like that


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

My cousin lives in Mountain Ash. My dad's family all come from (and almost all still live in) Pontypridd. My grandad was a miner.

And you had to get a save the world wish in there, didn't you? Now I feel guilty for not thinking of one.

And I somehow missed out the places you want to live bit. Odd!

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL - well Tasha, I did balance it with my urge to monopolise Take That whom I'd love to serve me strawberries and champagne on a chaise longue. So you can get rid of that guilt, while I enjoy my imaginary indulgences....sigh, how I dream it could come true :-D

And as for places I'd want to live... I'll give that a go now:

*St Ives in Cornwall
*Walberswick, Suffolk
*Southport, Lancashire
*Rye, East Sussex
*Chelsea, London
*Paris, France (not to be confused with Texas)
*Giverny, France
*Grandson, Switzerland

Not all at the same time you'll understand.

And talking of places, Mountain Ash and Pontypridd eh? I bet we're related :-D x

Thanks for the tag - it was fun.

A Modern Mother said...

Thanks for the tag. Coming soon.

The moon?! Why not aim high!

lunarossa said...

Great tag, Karen, thanks! What about coming to York and see me as well???!!! :( What happened to Ruby btw? I've sent her another email a few days ago, but no reply. Hope she's fine. I'd like to live in St Yves in Cornwall as well! Or Port Isaac...Love Cornwall. And with regard to Take That, well I'm groupie No. 1 now. Wish a great day. Ciao. A.

Unknown said...

Hi Mrs A., thank you so much, that's funny!!!
I've thought to all these things along and I've done my list.. phew, what a hard work! But now I need the time to publish it and referr to the other bloggers to tag! Eh eh... I don't know if I'll be able to do it!
I have also to recover the time for reading your last posts you published daily... I was too busy!
But... never mind... it's a good thing to be still in your thoughts!
And when you want to visit Italy, remember I'm here and a good pizza is surely the minimum I can offer to you!
Aaaarghhh... I still have to reply to your last mail!!! Please wait!!!
;Danda xxx

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Susanna - thank you and yep you can't beat blue sky tihnking from the kitchen sink :-D

Hi Antonella....yay, we MUST meet up when I finally get to York. Am waiting to hear from Ruby, who is busy moving house at the moment, which might explain the email. Looks like we'll have to join forces in the Take That serenade then :-D

Hi Danda - lovely to hear from you and hope things are going well over in Italy. Yes those daily posts (several times a day) were a bit of a challenge to keep up with during Recycle Week. I am very glad things are now much calmer. I'll be over in Switzerland, just north of the Italian border very soon. I'll email you the dates to see if you're free :-D

Looking forward to your posts ladies. Will be popping over very soon. :-D xxx

cartside said...

oh my, how did you squeeze all that into one day??? I suspected you're a busy lady, but that list makes me dizzy!

Victoria said...

Thanks for tagging me. I found it surprisingly hard, bizzarely, maybe it was the constant interruption ;) Anyway, here's mine. I've actually lived twice in one of the places you'd like to. I'd love to live in Walberswick too, as long as you can get a bus to the King's Road from there!

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Cartside - I really wish I had the answer...let's just say the only way is to let other things slip. That's why I've ended up getting a cleaner LOL. :-D

Hi Victoria - thanks for joining in. I'm popping over to see. Now as for Walberswick. If there are a few of us who could squeeze in there, maybe we could have our own bus :-d

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Enjoyed reading all about you Mrs A - and thanks for the tag. I'll get to it asap. A x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Anne - thanks for joinging in. Will be popping over to see you as part of my much needed catch up. :-D x

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