Saturday, 21 February 2009

Project Milk Lake

What's a girl to do eh? I only sloped off for a couple of days but on my return it looked like the local dairy has taken up residence .

I hadn't really acknowledged our boastful supplies of the white stuff until I opened the fridge this morning to store today's delivery and found there was no room at the inn so to speak. There were nine pints in there already plus today's three extra bottles.

Scratching my head in confusion, I am bemused at our surplus stock.

Our family normally gets through 2 pints of milk every day and with this week being half-term, quite naturally I'd expect at least one of our milk-drinking monsters to covet more.

BUT the opposite seems to have occured. Suddenly their appetite for Weetabix has disappeared, as has Mr A's and as for their thirst for milky drinks that's gone the same way as the Weetabix.

So with dutiful care to cancel the next milk delivery, I am now duty-bound to tackle Project Milk Lake. Trouble is today's Bread & Butter Pudding and pint of custard has hardly touched the surface.

I guess it's time to roll up my sleeves and get cracking with some real gusto.

I think a Fish Pie should sort it, poaching the cod in milk to create the white sauce and then using some more milk to make a soft mashed potato for the topping. And how about a rice pudding for dessert. That should get rid of another couple of pints.

Then there's the bananas that are on the verge of going off, so that'll be a couple of pints then for some scrummy milkshakes. And I think I'll have to get out the yoghurt machine to use up two more. With some muffins and milky coffee on the horizon we should get to the bottom of supplies soon. Phew!

And if we are still awash with milk on Tuesday, at least I can make some pancakes!

However, with my levels of planning, what's the betting I'll be rushing to the shops for a top up!


Sam said...

That *is* a lot of milk, lol. And if it was me, I would obviously run out Monday evening!

I've tagged you on my blog for 8 Random Things, if you want to play :-)

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you have tried the acai berry diet which was featured on oprah?

I just wanted to say that you can get free trials and see how you like it, I got my trials from

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mrs green said...

Good luck with your baking and cooking. It sounds like you have loads of ideas and I think you might just be popping out for a top up soon too. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.
Serve smoothies for breakfast every day and yes, rice pudding is a great way to use up loads.

Have fun! I can't wait to hear about everything you created!

Mrs G x

Caroline said...

I expect you know this already, but you can freeze milk - I always buy in bulk and freeze it, can't tell the difference between fresh and frozen to be honest. Just a thought ...

Karin said...

We have three pints a day delivered, although our milkman doesn't come every day, so we actually have 6 pints delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9 on Saturdays, which makes the fridge a bit full on Saturdays. I usually buy at least one extra pint a day and sometimes more. If people don't drink their usual amounts of milk in this house we have problems, too.

Another recipe you can try when you have too much milk is cheese pudding. You need an inch to one and a half inches thick slice of stale bread, about three quarters of a pound of cheese, depending how strong it is, an egg or two and a pint of milk. You can add some oats if you haven't got enough bread. It should be a moist porridge like consistency when it's all mixed up. It rises a bit, so is a bit like a soufflé, but not so light. It used to be my favourite dinner when I was a kid, and my son's too.


LOL Sam...more than I've ever had before hee hee. Thanks for the tag. I'll get around to that one very soon :-D

Thanks Anon - sounds very interesting :-D

Hi Mrs G - oh indeed we've had a white weekend. The scary mash monster was the best :-D x

Hi Caroline - welcome to the site and for the tip about freezing milk. I forget about that, having my milk delivered in bottles, but I could find a plastic bottle and decant some out. Thanks for the reminder, I appreciate it :-D

Hi Karin - that sounds wonderful. Will get some cheese next time I go shopping and will have a go. Thank you. :-D

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