Thursday, 20 March 2008

What a load of rubbish...

...I've had to deal with over the last couple of months!

I know, I know. It was my own choice but I am so glad that I made the decision two months ago to have a go at Zero Waste. It was hard work but the results have been worth it. Last week needed extreme action, but having implemented all the changes in the run up to Zero Waste Week, I am pleased to say that even now, all that's left in the bin are a couple of crisp packets and chocolate bar wrappers from this week's celebrations.

I'm pleased to say goodbye to the moments where a huge "heave-ho" and brutal attempts to stabilise the kitchen bin with every limb could not even relinquish the bag of trash that lay within.

The beast used to be excessively heavy to drag to its position on bin day, where it joined the neighbourhood queue, almost resembling sentry guards alongside the driveway. Ooh! I'd needed the strength of Samson!

(A new game: like spot the ball, but with black bins)

However, for the first time I made the conscious decision not to put out the bin this week as its only contents was the small bag of waste from the week before. (Its rightful position is indeed the bottom corner of the photo). Yes, in the past I have forgotten to put it out and then two weeks later, I've struggled to fit the rest of the rubbish in and have sometimes left bin-bags down the side of the house. Not any more!

What I can't believe now is that I used to throw so much away! Blimey, what a makeover I've had. I feel somewhat lighter, both in spirit as well as in waste. Bizarrely, I am also 19 lbs lighter in weight, but it's hard to know if that's down to blogging as well or my healthier lifestyle.

But guess what, I've now had a serious request to check out someone else's rubbish and trust me, I've already seen her bins and her family can create a truck load of it! I've a feeling that this time it will be even more challenging.

So watch this space for Ruby's Rubbish Reveal, as she puts her own bins on The Rubbish Diet.'s catching!



Cybèle said...

You'll have your own tv show soon, slimming down people's bins...

Fi said...

Hee...I was about the say the same thing cybele! 'The Bin Doctor' or something...

Congratulations on your efforts Mrs A, the fact someone wants your help to sort themselves out, even if it may be hard work, is a great endorsement of what you've achieved and the great way in which you've communicated your efforts.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Cybele - thanks for the vote of confidence... ahh... I'm now thinking YouTube so wach this space.

Hi Fi...LOL...just in case, I've bought the domain name...and I will remember I'd always have you to thank for it. Look up,
Thanks for the support and keep popping back to see how she gets on ;-D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Did I really type "wach"? That'll "each" me for typing so fast...!

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