Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Too much popcorn

Why is it that when you ask for popcorn at the cinema, you get given a bag that's not just full to the brim, but has popcorn piled in a pyramid, all balancing in a very precarious manner?

While you juggle your tickets, the kids, their drinks and the heavy "theatre" door, the excess popcorn is guaranteed to escape its pyramid form, littering the cinema floor.

What a waste!

...and why!

I don't normally have a rant but I'd urge cinemas to take a good look at their popcorn servings and do away with the excess!

The business process just doesn't make sense...deliberately piling popcorn so high that unless it's carefully balanced, the top layers just fall onto the floor, decorating the carpet. If ever you've taken a look at modern cinema carpeting, you'll see that it is designed in a way that you probably won't even notice the popcorn strewn all over the floor. But there are spillages and the carpet has to be cleaned, which itself incurs extra expense, both in labour and in energy.

I wonder if I am the only person who orders popcorn and asks them to fill below the brim, to make it easier to carry. I'm not particularly bothered about getting "my money's worth". I am just more concerned with avoiding waste.

If cinemas want to give people their money's worth, they could stop filling bags beyond their capacity and charge less.

That'll be the rant over then and I'd just like to emphasise that when I went to the cinema today I didn't actually eat too much popcorn. That's not my style and it was just a small bag........honest!



Picklesmum said...

Even a small bag is gigantic by most peoples standards, as for the drinks, they are served in buckets as far as I can tell. I usually sneak a couple of cartons in my bag! SSSHHH, don't tell anyone though.

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL - maybe I did eat too much then PM. Trust me, it wasn't that big though, really... especially when I got the assistant to shake some out. Sneaking stuff in is probably the best way forward, as long as you take your rubbish home for recycling....however, the guilty look on my face would give the game away. By all accounts, according to the refreshments assistant at the cinema "I should see their rubbish"! I wasn't sure if that was an invitation or a statement...but I'm tempted to go and have a look. BTW, if you're ever in contact with Russell, perhaps you can get us an invitation to check out his bins as well ;-D

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