Saturday, 29 March 2008

Unsung Hero: Melanie Rimmer at Bean Sprouts

If you haven't come across the Bean Sprouts blog yet...where have you been? Go and visit now because it is fantastic. I've been following it for almost a year now and I'm always impressed with the range content.

Written by Melanie Rimmer, the blog offers a mix of wonderful wisdom and green goodness, that is inspirational to so many.

It was Mel who first inspired a non-domestic goddess like me to make lemon curd, which was remarkably easy and when I started my Zero Waste challenge, I asked her for some advice and she shone through with loads of ideas and even accepted my invitation to write a guest post.

In her blog, she demonstrates a high level of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency that I can only admire. She lives the dream of allotment-keeping and also keeps chickens as well as bees (which themselves have led to a few adventures).

If you get a chance, pop over today and wish Mel a happy birthday. Apparently she's thirty-mumble today and all she's asked for her birthday is for people to switch off the lights between 8pm-9pm to celebrate Earth Hour.

Now that's a nice idea. So Happy Birthday Mel and have a great day.

I'll be out partying and thinking of you. If our host doesn't let us switch off the lights, I'll certainly make sure my babysitter does.



Simon Sherlock said...

I like her posts as well and enjoyed the detailed descriptions of various "weeds" from a while back - I've even saved the recipe for nettle beer and can't wait for the nettles to grow so I can get started (not something you'll usually hear me saying!).

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Simon - yey another beansprouts fan. I've found some nettles in my little suburban garden...I'll send them up if you like so you can have a head start ;-D

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