Monday, 18 January 2010

The Rubbish Diet Challenge: Week 2, Retail Therapy

My favourite fruit & veg stall at Bury St Edmunds Market.
I can't believe I never used to shop there before.

Welcome back to the Rubbish Diet Challenge, where this week it's time to hit the shops with a good dose of retail therapy.

However, this is a retail experience with a difference, introducing a range of steps that will help you find ways to reduce rubbish before it gets anywhere near your kitchen bins.

So having worked out your local recycling options in Week 1, the tasks in Week 2 will challenge you to become more familiar with the choices you have in the shops and make you aware of the pitfalls of packaging.

You'll learn the key principles to shopping with waste in mind, find out what those recycling symbols on packaging really mean and discover how to avoid tempting offers that will just end up in your bin.

So if you are ready to find out why you should ignore this symbol and discover which ones you should look out for instead, then it's time to see what challenges are instore for you at Week 2 of The Rubbish Diet Challenge, which you can find at

And if you want to know what else to expect in the forthcoming weeks, check out the sidebar, which has a list of everything that's coming up.

As usual, it would be great to hear about any progress you're making, so please don't hesitate to let me know how you're getting on and if you've got any questions, please feel free to drop me an email, or leave a comment below.



Anonymous said...

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. We went from two bags last week to one bag and a crap load of recycle (I was surprised by what was and wasn't recyclable. We had been using the recycle bin just not optimally previously.) I must admit we also had several old kitty litter boxes that had been holding our compost while we'd had the compost bin out of commission and the kitty litter boxes disintegrated when we moved the compost/rotting food out of them Sigh. So they were added to the total too.

Danda said...

Great idea, the links to!
Now, if I go back to recall I remember that the post about the 'green dot' was one of the first posts I commented on your blog, if not the very first one!
What a discovery! And how much time is passed by! ;)


HI GFG - that's fabulous news. Not about your kitty litter boxes though. Is the composter back up and running again?

LOL Danda - it has flown by indeed. I still remember my shock over the green dot symbol. I'd been using that as my guide, which is why I was shocked when I discovered it was no use to me at all. :-D

lunarossa said...

Hi Karen, I've just finished reading your week 2 guide and I am mesmerised! I thought I was doing well with my "diet" but I've realized I can do much more. My main problem is still trying to convert the rest of the family. My daughter is ok and very keen on recycling/keeping the waste low, my husband has finally understood the concept of taking hiw own bags to shop (althought not when he buying clothing etc.), my teenage son is more difficult to tackle though. I'll persevere anyway. Thanks for all your help. Take care. A.


Hi Antonella - thank you so much for your comment. I am really pleased it has helped. The rest of the family is always hard to overcome, but in time gradual behavioural changes appear. I have certain challenges still with my youngest son, but he is getting better. He's 5. I've often wondered if perhaps younger children are easier. Perhaps if you do a Zero Waste Week further down the line, you could make it a real family affair with relevant awards for everyone involved. :-)

Doctor_Eva said...

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