Friday, 5 March 2010

The Landfill Prize 2010

This has to be my favourite time of year, when John Naish, author of Enough, announces the winners of The Landfill Prize, to hghlight all sorts of novelty gadgets that form Britain's cleverest rubbish.    Having succeeded to get my nomination for SatNag in the 2009 Top Ten, I failed to get around to even nominating anything this year, but I am enjoying the results all the same.

I've included the Top 3 here, of which there are already a couple that are really making my sides hurt with laughter, much due to the nominators' comments as well as the items themselves. I just wish that it was really that funny, given the amount resources and our money that's wasted on stuff that gets hidden in a drawer when the novelty's worn off.

A Bra Dryer and an Ear Dryer, blimmin' 'eck, they'll be coming out with a Pants Dryer next...hmm now that might just be of interest....

Here's that Top 3:

1. Digital fridge magnet

Is scribbling notes with a pen on a whiteboard to complex, too onerous… too 20th century? Here’s the Digital Video Memo, a fridge magnet on which you can record a 30-second video message. Look into the camera, press the record button and start talking. You’ve only added a digital screen, a rechargeable battery system, a computer and a camera to the planet’s landfill potential. According to users’ reports, the screen is tiny and the volume’s too low, so you have to stick your mouth right near the camera… so all people get to see is a quietly talking ear.

Nominated by Karen Varga, who says, ‘You can just picture the workers in overseas factories going "What the **** are these for and why do these mad westerners need them?’

2. The Bra Dyer

The makers say the “Bra Dryer is a simple device which is based on the presumption that the best way to dry bras without ruining their fabric, wiring and padding is to dry them on a shape which resembles female breasts. That's why Bra Dryer is shaped like a female torso”.

Rea Cris, who nominated it, remarks: “What women is seriously thinking: ‘YES! Fantastic, this is what I have been waiting for: metalic dismembered hot breasts, they'll match the wallpaper perfectly!’”

Nominated by Rea Cris, Edinburgh,

3. The Dryear Ear Dryer

Wave goodbye to towels (almost). Here’s how you can spend a lot of cash, use electricity and create lots of energy waste – with a battery-operated hot-air ear dryer. 'Drying your ears has never been simpler or more effective'. Or, at £69, could it be more expensive? The device slots into the ear canal and blows hot air. Oh, and the instructions advise you to dry your ears with a towel first.

Nominated by Anna, London

To see the rest of the list that was judged by John Naish, Anna Shepard, Carl Honoré and Ben Davis, visit  And if you know anyone who's got bored of their gadgets, do remind them to WEEEcycle them won't you, via the waste electricals bin at the HWRC, instead of dumping them in the bin.



Anonymous said...

There are some very odd items on the market these days!! I stick my bras on the radiator. And as for that video memo thing, you'd need a magnifying glass to see it!

CJ xx

Kitty Moore said...

I can't believe they are actually serious! A bra dryer? The world has gone mad! x

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

They missed this one;

and yup, I noticed one on sale late last year!


Hi CJ - LOL, I know a bra-dryer. And what do you do if you want to dry more than one LOL :-)

Hi Kitty - utterly bonkers isn't it. And did you see the plastic golf club that you can discretely use if you're caught short LOL. Bonkers indeed :-)

Oh Peter - oh my word, oh deary deary no. I don't think I could even eat those once they've been popped out of the plastic penguin. :-D

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