Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What happened when Shedwyn ran out of recycling bins

Shedwyn, the campaign mascot for the 1000 bins challenge, has been a bit quiet of late, despite the news that this IS THE LAST WEEK of the campaign and what with it being National Zero Waste Week and all, it was a bit of a shock to catch her putting her feet up in a cafe in town.

Sipping coffee, while everyone else is sending in photos. What a cheek!

But bless her. She's only gone and run out of recycling bins to photograph in Bury St Edmunds.  I suppose there's only so much you can stretch your imagination with just two bins in the very centre of town, and with the car in for repair and having run out of train money, what else could our roving reporter do?

But this is Shedwyn we're talking about.  When there's just nothing to be done, she's a woman who thinks of something!

For starters, how about emailing the local council, politely asking for a few more bins?  Here she is getting all serious about the very serious issue of installing some serious recycling bins in very beautiful Abbey Gardens.  A serious subject indeed.

But Shedwyn's not very good at doing serious, so having exercised her fingertips at the keyboard, she couldn't help but get back out on the streets, where she managed to grab hold of a handsome man to brighten up his day and praise the virtues of "recycling-on-the-go"!

Yes that is really BBC Radio Suffolk's reporter Luke Deal pictured with Shedwyn.  It's a shame you can't hear her rabbiting on about where to find recycling bins around Suffolk.

Meanwhile, whilst that cheeky woman was busy chatting up men by bins, I took the opportunity of catching up with Radio Suffolk's Lesley Dolphin, who was broadcasting her show from Bury St Edmunds market this afternoon.  Well, someone has to do the hard work and it's always lovely to talk to Lesley.  It was great to have the chance to spread the news about National Zero Waste Week and to promote reducing waste away from home.

Of course the next challenge after the interview was to hunt down Shedwyn in the busy marketplace.  I really should have known.  I managed to eventually track her down having a chinwag with her old pal Sandy at the other recycling bin in town.

So I think the moral of today's story is that Shedwyn really does needs to get out more, especially if she's going to meet the 1000 photo challenge by Sunday.

And after today's antics, what with going AWOL, emailing the council and harrassing men at bins I think it might be a very good idea to send her to Coventry.

Actually sending her to Coventry's not a bad notion, especially this Friday when there's a Zero Waste conference going on.  I might just have to loan her the train fare.


This post was written in support of National Zero Waste Week.  More information about the campaign can be found at   Further details about Shedwyn and the 1000 bins campaign can be found at


Unknown said...

Only two recycling bins in bury st Edmunds! Shocking! Hope shedwyn finds more in Coventry ...

Almost Mrs Average said...

Sadly there are only two in the town centre, which have been installed as a trial. There are a few more outside of town in the borough parks and the leisure centre. But we really could do with more in the shopping area and at least a few in the Abbey Gardens where people tend to hang about with cans and bottles. I'd love our council to get sufficient funding to have more installed. If I find some organisations with money I'll start talking bins. I wonder what Coventry will reveal, can't wait ;0)

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