Saturday, 4 August 2012

National Zero Waste Week 2012: Coming soon!

Coming soon to a household near you - PREFERABLY YOURS - National Zero Waste Week is back!

And this year, it is encouraging you to recycle ONE MORE THING!  It's so easy to get involved, either on your own, at home, or at your place of work!  You can find out much more information over at My Zero Waste, where the fabulous Mrs Green is leading the way once more.

As ever I will be supporting National Zero Waste Week from my corner of Suffolk and will be back soon with more exciting news on what's happening locally. 

In the meantime, for a trip down memory lane, here's what happened on the Rubbish Diet last year, along with a glimpse at 2010, a retro peek at 2009 and a real delve into the archives of 2008 when My Zero Waste launched their very first Zero Waste Week! 

So which one more thing are you going to recycle this year? 

Have you decided yet?

For inspiration, visit www,, pop along to, and if you happen to live in Suffolk, you really should take a look at the fantastic resource for Suffolk Recycling!

So remember, National Zero Waste Week takes place on 3-9 September!  But please don't contain your excitement until then.  Check out the NZWW 2012 page on the My Zero Waste website and please help spread the news on Twitter and Facebook.


mrs green @myzerowaste said...

bless you hon - thank you sooooo much for the support and shout outs! xx

just Gai said...

It's going to be hard for me to recycle even one more thing at home as I pretty much recycle everything already. So I think I'll have to turn my attention to waste produced outside the house - at work, on holiday, or just out and about in town. I have been known to bring home empty containers etc but I'm sure there's scope for a more organised approach.

Gertrude Jones, Greenline Paper said...

It is great to hear that such an event is getting so much attention so early. This initiative will definitely help to reduce the impact human waste has on the environment by increasing the amount of things being recycled. We provide recycled paper products so we encourage the use of recycled products and an increase in the amount of things being recycled.

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