Saturday, 16 March 2013

Postcard from Corsham: Celebrating the Rubbish Diet in Wiltshire

Back row L-R Sarah, Jen, Emma & Pip
Taken at the Pound Art Centre, Corsham's screening of Trashed

Dear all, 

Well, I'm back from Wiltshire, having spent a great night out with some of the Rubbish Dieters and Emma Croft from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, who have been working through their Rubbish Diet Challenge over the last 8 weeks.  Initial feedback? According to Emma and the participants, it's been a great success in more ways than one.  Check out their great blogposts at, which includes some of the examples from the 15 households have taken part.  Please also visit Sarah's blog at Everyday life on a shoestring and Jen's Make do and mend year and keep your eyes peeled for the results of their current Zero Waste Week.  I had a great time staying over with Pip from Transcoco's Zero Waste group.  I reckon every town should have one (a Pip and a Zero Waste Group)!  Weather was fine, food delicious and the Q&A at the Trashed screening was very much of the positive kind!  Wish you were there.  Next stop -  the Zero Waste conference in San Francisco!  I'll send a postcard very soon.

Lots of love,

Me. x


On A Shoestring said...

Thanks so much for coming to Wiltshire to inspire us and keep us motivated! So glad you enjoyed your stay! Sarah

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