Friday, 13 March 2009

Day 5: Disappearing into the darkness for Comic Relief

Good Morning All. It's so blimmin' early even the chickens haven't got out of bed. Yet here I am preparing to go off on my sponsored bin round.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm up to or indeed why...(yes WHY have I got the urge to spend 6 hours on the bins)..... well, check out the vid below.

Did you see that hair! And there I was thinking I might add a touch of glam to round 111 today.

No chance of that then.

So if you feel that you would like to splash a bit of your hard-earned cash to help raise money for folk suffering from poverty in both the UK and abroad, then just pop over to my Red Nose Day fundraising page at:

Thank you all for your wonderful support. I'll be back with news of my day with the bin men, later today. And if you have a burning question that you'd like me to ask the men on the bins, then please feel free to add a comment or drop me an email by midday. The beauty of mobile technology eh!


Oh oh...oops I've just remembered. The local newspaper The Bury Free Press said they'd be covering news about my blog today, so here's an embarrassing wave to all those who didn't know I had this blog. Talk about first impressions... I'd have done my hair if I'd remembered.



Anonymous said...

you look fab for that time in the morning, well done on the money raised too!!!! We been up since half four this morning!!! sadly not for as good a reason as you though, hope you have a great day fiona

mrs green said...

Good luck Mrs A - I'm not saying anything about the date you have chosen :D

Have fun!

You look gorgeous - I was up at 7am for a radio slot too :D (but at least no one could see me)

Karin said...

I don't know, I'm sure that hairstyle was very fashionable once - just add cheesecloth and love beads. ;)

Hope you're having a fun time with the bin men - are any of them wearing 'gaublimey trousers'? Does the Bury Free Press have a website where they could share their photos of you with your national, nay, international, readership?


Hi Fiona - now that is early to get up. I was lad to have had a lie-in this morning - until 7am that is :-D

Hi Mrs G - LOL. Hope you enoyed the radio interview. I did one too when I got back and I am very glad it noone could see me. Although - now I've revealed my bed-head, I suppose there's no going back :-D

Hi Karin - LOL, I might have to dig through the fancy dress shops, hee hee. The story isn't on the website, but the photo is. Here's the URL.

Hope it works.

By the way, I got this message when I was on the Bin Lorry and asked the drive if he did where the Gaublimey trousers. He said his dad did LOL...because his old man was a dustman...hahaha. It's just a shame he refused the opportunity of a rendition for the camera :-D

Layla said...

You really look fab for that time of the day!! :) Love your curls!! :)

Oh, and what you do for such a great cause!! :) /both of them, I mean!!/

Gaublimey trousers - not sure what those are..?

Karin said...

Hi Karen, I found a few photos of you with a plaster and a big empty wheelie bin. One just of you, and two of you and your boys.

Layla this should explain it:

check out the chorus, although they seem to think it's 'cor blimey'.

Karin said...


Ooops, I got so carried away looking for the lyrics I forgot to say, I didn't actually expect you to ask about the trousers. Glad your Refuse Disposal Officers had a sense of humour.

Layla said...

Ooh Karin, thanks!! :)
I found the song on YouTube too, it's brilliant!! :)

I also see it's been asked before:

Thanks!! :)


Thank you Layla :-D x And Comic Relief is such a good good cause too. I'm glad Karin has explained the trousers (LOL). Thanks too for the link to the video, am about to go and have a look in a mo :-D

Hi Karin - thanks for helping out Layla there. LOL. Now as for the Refuse Disposal Officer's sense of humour, I think that must be part of the job :-D

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