Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wales to become a Zero Waste nation

It is a very exciting day indeed because today the Welsh Assembly Government has declared a new 70% recycling target to be in place by 2025, including households, businesses and the construction sector.

The Assembly has also announced that it will become a "Zero Waste" nation by 2050.

This announcement is part of the Welsh Assembly's new draft waste strategy which sets out how Wales proposes to tackle the issue over the next four decades. It includes plans to encourage a more integrated recycling infrastructure across Wales and capitalise on new green jobs and business opportunities as recycling services expand.

My own visits to the green green grass of home have already indicated a dynamic and proactive approach to waste management solutions. St Arvans in Monmouthshire is now well established as a zero waste village and can be hailed as a role model for many areas in Wales and indeed the rest of the UK.

Throughout the rest of Wales, local authorities have also been busy implementing food waste collections, including Merthyr Tydfil, my home borough. My mother gave me a demonstration when I visited last October and remains pleased with the facilities the council is providing.

Jane Davidson Minister for Environment, Sustainability & Housing said on the matter.

"Research shows that recycling is often the thing people most recognise as being their main contribution towards improving the environment. We need to create a truly comprehensive recycling society, where everyone can recycle where ever they are – at home, whilst out relaxing or at work. But this isn’t just about recycling. It is about getting people to rethink why they are producing so much waste in the first place."

So being a supporter of Zero Waste as well as being Welsh, I'd like to say "diolch yn fawr" to Ms Davidson and the Welsh Assembly for its forward-thinking plans. Yes thank you! And who knows, I may even be able to persuade my English husband to move over the border. Today he asked me to reorder a new wooden toothbrush on his behalf, so dragging an Englishman from his home country could now be a possibility.

More information can be found at the Welsh Assembly Government's website.



John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

Wales is leading the way with its 70% target and others should look to their experiences and apply them in locally.

I remember contacting a Welsh forum months ago while following-up an incinerator story there. My concern was misplaced judging by the excellent achievements in the principality.

The whole community seems to be involved despite political differences unlike here, in Scotland, where such differences led to inertia.

nixdminx said...

hello darling, I've tagged you in a meme, I know you're really popular so maybe you've done this already but I'd like a recycling slant please - could be great fun!

Anthony said...

Other countries should follow Wales' lead. If not, there might not even be a 2050.

Acne skin care said...

I wonder if Wales also includes the royal family in this 70%. Probably not as they throw somw of the most extravagant parties and events known to man and are not green friendly as can be evidenced on the History Channel. I, myself, am trying a calorie restriction diet and trying to consume less junk foods and stick to healthier, organic foods. I am trying to go green with my body and lose weight in a healthy way.

Anonymous said...

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Layla said...

GO WALES!!!! :))

& WOW you're half Welsh!! :) So COOL!! :))

hmmm... If Prince Charles isn't green, why is he giving lectures on environmental topics to Germany?!!

Go Welsh & make royal family green too!! :)

Now.. wouldn't it be fun to have 'Scotland', 'Wales', 'England' & all other countries & councils & boroughs worldwide in friendly competition with each other?!! :)

All it would take would be some IT knowledge & transparet reports from councils how much is collected & recycled etc...?!! :)

Maybe something like that exists already? :)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Encouraging news Mrs A - you must be delighted. A x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi John - Wales is going great guns on this isn't it. You're right about politics getting in the way. Party bickering is one thing but working together is the only way to beat inertia.

Hi nixdminx - thanks for the tag and asking me to recycle a meme (LOL). I thought I'd take a break from the usual and have fulfilled my duty just now. Enjoy :-D

Hi Anthony - thanks for popping over and yes you're right. Others have to follow the example set by Wales and more forward. Otherwise I really don't fancy life in 2050...if I'm around then that is.

Hi Acne Skin Care - thanks also for visiting. The royals might be worth a close look at. Hmmm...I've always wanted to have a poke around their bins. Probably not included in the stats though, so we shall see. :-D

Hi Layla - yep I'm actually 100% Welsh but live in England where I met my husband and have stayed, following him around with his work. I think you've got a good idea there and we could have a waste version of the six nations tournament LOL. Now that would be exciting eh! :-D. There are statistics for each of the different nations. I have the links in my notes for the book, I should dig them out and add them here. :-D

Hi Anne - it is great news isn't it. Some commentators are calling the plans ambitious. They indeed are, but they're also necessary. Here's to hope and fulfilment :-D

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