Monday, 23 November 2009

Charity Auction for Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund

Today in Cumbria people are still struggling to get to work and school. It's no surprise given the severity of the recent floods. As well as the terrible consequences affecting people's homes and lives, sixteen bridges have also collapsed. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like for people in the area, but I can fully understand one woman's desire to help.

Kat, at Housewife Confidential, is helping to raise money for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund, by organising an auction, which will be hosted on Bambino Goodies. The idea is to create a series of auction ‘lots’ of varying levels to sell in a silent auction. The auction will take place Monday 30th November – Sunday 6th December, the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the recovery fund.

So how can you help?

Donate: The auction will need lots of items of differing values.
Promote: If you know any donors, it would be great if you could contact them and also raise awareness of the auction on your blog.
Buy: Visit the auction everyday and place your bid.

More information about how you can help is available at Housewife Confidential, in this document here. Alternatively email



Unknown said...

What a sad news, that from Cumbria!
I watched it on TV and remain without any words!
I think that people must consider climate changes in a more seriuos way!
Now I feel closer to all people in difficulties there with my thoughts and hope that all will return soon to the normal.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

How awful! It even made the evening news in the US. The regular national news broadcast, not BBC America.

I come from an area of the US that floods often. But that doesn't make it any easier when it happens.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thank you Danda - it is horrible to see things like this happen isn't it. Hopefully Kat at Housewife Confidential will be able to raise some decent money.

Hi Condo Blues - For it to make the US national news highlights the shock at something happening like this in the UK. It's becoming more common and follows in the steps of Boscastle and York. I feel for you living in a flood area. I guess nothing can really prepare you for when the floods come.

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