Monday, 7 December 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Are you listening Santa Claus?
I've finally made my Christmas List.
I would have sent it months ago
but I sprained my blimmin' wrist.
At last it's now recovered
So I'm sending you this rhyme
To say all I want for Christmas
is a trolley-full of time!

I don't want it wrapped with bells on
or bought from BHS
I don't want it to run on batteries
or to wear it on my dress.
But I'd be happy if it glistens
in a fairy godmother kind of way,
whose touch of festive magic
could add more hours to every day.

I'd work, I'd rest and play more games
with the family I adore
I'd even have time for all the shopping
and sort out every recycling chore.
I'd phone, visit and go on days out
all my beloved friends.
And raise a toast to our special memories
as each get-together ends.

But this wish isn't just for Christmas
It's for every season too
I need to find more hours each day
for everything I do.
So if you're listening Santa Claus
this is my Christmas Wish.
And if you can really make it happen
You'll get a big fat juicy kiss.



Evil Edna said...

You'll get a big fat juicy kiss..mmmm nice Jingle bells ding dong!


Karin said...

I think more time is high on my list,too. LOL


Evil Edna - LOL - you are naughty (but also very nice) And don't worry, I won't tell anyone. :-D

Hi karin - LOL, time is still an issue. you can probably tell that by the time it's taken me to come back to the blog :-D

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