Friday, 18 December 2009

Like a chicken in a snowstorm

Oh heck! Today's the last day of school and Christmas is in one week's time. The family arrive on Sunday and I still need to tidy the house, sort out the laundry, make their gifts....and do X...and Y...and Z as well as the rest of the Christmas alphabet. I had so many plans, but time is running out...tick, tick, ticking away before my very eyes. I feel caught in a snowstorm, totally bewildered and wondering which way to turn. A bit like the chicken really - bless her!

Oh well, I could always hide in the henhouse...If I don't return, you know where to find me.

In the meantime, Click Here for a special Christmas e-Card prepared especially for visitors to The Rubbish Diet. I hope you like it. I chose this one over many alternatives this year because Tesco are donating money to The Woodland Trust, for the first 100,000 sent. £465 has been raised to far, which is brilliant.

Now, where was I? Oh yes... on the way to the henhouse. Well that's if they'll let a proverbial headless chicken join their brood.

Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck!

Bok, bok....see you soon!



Danda said...

Eh eh, like a chicken!!! You aren't the only one!
I suggest to slow down as possible! :)
At last the very important thing is to spend the season with your beloved family, and it doesn't matter if you wasn't able to do all the things you planned.
So, take a rest and smell the sweetness of a quite Christmas... this is my best wish for you!!! ;)

Karin said...

The link to the e-card doesn't seem to work, although it could be my pc.

John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

The Ecard is just cute. Thanks for that, Im sure my friends would be more than glad to receive it. And we will see you again, I will surely comeback and read you blog.

Time flies so fast and now I find myself in rush. Ive got lot of things to do and I hope I will finish them in time.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Enjoy the Holiday.

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

The e-card was a fine idea with so many contacts.

A good title for the picture might be 'Frozen Chicken', but of course everything seems to be frozen during cold snaps.

just Gai said...

Thanks for the card Almost Mrs A. I know just how you feel but I think Danda's right, the most important thing is to enjoy the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. So have a Cool Yule!

buryblue said...

Our chickens have stayed put in their house apart from a brief sojurn to the chicken run for some warm porridge to cheer them up. I don't know if you have tried it but chickens love porridge!

Condo Blues said...

Oh Mrs. A, your ecard gift is just perfect! I could use a little robot to help me finish making Christmas gifts. I'm sure he runs on biodiesel, right?


Hi Danda - Thank you. LOL I have actually slowed down to a grinding halt. After typing this post, I went out to play in the snow with the children. We built a snowman and I strained my neck when lifting its head onto its body. Ouch. I could hardly move for the whole of the next day and adopted a position on the sofa that meant I needed to be waited on hand and foot...oh dear. I'm all better now though :-)

Hi Karin - I'm sorry you can't see the card. I think it might be a Flash animated version. Just in case you've missed out, it's a robot jumping out of a box, with a message that reads Ho Ho Ho. :-D

Hi John - glad you liked the card and I'm looking forward to seeing you over this way again soon. Enjoy the holiday season too. It will all be over in a flash with 2010 under way. Time really does fly when you're having fun :-)

Hi John C - LOL Frozen chicken. I promise I will defrost them properly. Actually, the chickens are looking quite cute in this snow. They've got fluffed up feathers, so even the ones who are moulting are now looking more glamorous. Talking of frozen, with no room in the fridge for the last delivery of milk, we left the bottles outside, thinking we might as well given the cool temperatures. However the milk froze solid and cracked the glass milk bottles in the process....oops. Always a lesson learned. :-)

Hi Just Gai - You're right. I think what I suffer from at this time of year is a gradual withdrawal from the mass consumerism that I once used to be part of and the feeling that I might be considered a scrooge by participating less in the commercial culture of Christmas. However, I enjoy the more simple alternatives much more and having my family here beats expensive presents hands down. Thank you for the lovely wishes. I hope you have a great Christmas too. :-)

Hi Bury Blue - It's great to see you around this way. Thank you, it's a lovely festive treat and I didn't know you had chickens either. One of ours has now turned broody so is taking up the nest box. Not much we can do in this weather I suppose. However, I will try porridge, they deserve a treat. I'll pop over and visit soon and if you're up for it, thre's going to be a Bury Tweet-up in January, not just for Twitter users but for all folk who enjoy social media, so watch this space for news. :-)

Hi Condo Blues - LOL, I am sure he does Lisa. Wouldn't it be great if he could just sit and do the chores leaving us to get on with the fun stuff. Dreams can come true though...did you know that? So keep wishing hard enough and you never know. (but I bet you love making the gifts really) :-)

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