Monday, 17 May 2010

Four pounds, really? Well that's music to my ears.

"I really want a guitar", said the little man, a few months ago, in amongst his list of other things that a five year old really, really wants.

"Yes, yes" I said, adding it to my own mental list known as 'yeah, yeah, that's nice...mention it five more times in the next six months and I'll know that you really really - yes really really - want it'.

Now guitars don't come cheap and even second hand ones on eBay can be a small fortune if they are just left to gather dust when a child's keen interest amounts to nothing more than a flavour of the month idea.  So even though a guitar has been mooted around three times already, I've been biding my time for a little longer, just to test the water.

But strike a chord will you, because whilst paying a visit to the recycling centre yesterday, I turned my back to return to the car and there in the Reuse Bay, was a classical guitar, in excellent condition, for just £4!

Of course I snapped it up, brought it home and put it in the hands of the keen little musician, who surprisingly didn't launch into the expected rendition of Early Years thrash metal, but actually created some chilled-out sounds, even though he's got no idea how to play it yet.

But the budding guitarist has got his wits about him you know.  When I put in a request for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he quickly whipped out an empty jar, requesting donations!  Blimmin' cheek!  I thought I saw him taking a longer than usual interest in the buskers of Bury St Edmunds the other day.  Crikey, who knows where this £4 find will lead.  It might amount to nothing or it could turn into a very satisfying hobby.  Watch this space, Simon Cowell...

So if your recycling centre hasn't got a Reuse Bay, it really is worth suggesting to your council that they include one if space allows. They can offer lots of potential for keeping stuff in circulation and all sorts of things out of landfill.   Maybe you've already got a great one in your area and have picked up some excellent finds yourself.  If so, I'd love to know what extraordinary finds have also been music to your own ears.

And on that little note (excuse the pun)'s what I've disovered can actually be achieved with a classical guitar.  I'll show Little T this video when he comes home from school later.  I'll also mention that if he ever reaches this standard, his tip jar could be filled up quite quickly.... enjoy.



Sophie said...

I know that our local council does something with the decent stuff that's thrown away - I've seen the workers plucking things out of the pile and putting them in a separate bay - but not sure what.

I may have lifted a couple of things myself though.. a garden bench (one paltry slat missing) and a mini-bench that hubby did a beautiful job of restoring for our little girl :)

I am constantly amazed by what people will throw away.. That said, I recently tried to Freecycle a dining table with 6 chairs. The only thing wrong with them was some scratches on the table top (toddlerific damage). None of the local furniture reselling/redistributing charities would take it, and 2 freecyclers let me down. I even contacted a few social workers in case they knew a family who could do with a table - no luck there either. In the end I advertised it on the intranet at work (I work for the council, ironically) and someone about to move into her first flat picked it up. Mad.

Evil Edna said...

you could have the next Hendrix or you could have one of those people who brings their GITars to parties and plays really bad versions of smoke on the water. Fingers crossed it is not the latter.EE

Andi's English Attic said...

The reuse section is a great idea. Our local recycling centre apparently is privately owned and NOT run by the council. I assume anything worth selling is kept by the owners.
What a great find though. Sometimes the right thing is just waiting for us. xx

Julie Day said...

Well done for that bargain. I have no idea if our council does anything like that, probably not knowing them as they only recycle plastic bottles so far.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Our son played this on his violin, supported by a trio, when he was at school (aged 10). It has since become, alongside Mason Williams 'Classical Gas' a favorite of mine.

Thank you Karen.


The Herbjar said...

It's great isn't it? I think there is a fair amount of re-using going on in the UK. The internet age is really helping – Ebay, Freecycle, barter websites, clothes swapping parties advertised online. And if the recycling centres organise these shops as a last filter, then nothing reusable will ever be wasted.

outdoor fire pits said...

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Karen Cannard said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I'm sorry I've been away from the blog for so long, but I really appreciate your time in popping along to say hello. The guitar is still merrily being strummed and even my husband has picked it up and given it a go. I'll pop over and say hello over the coming week. In the meantime, Sophie, well done on not giving up re your dining table, but blimey, you'd think it would be easier wouldn't you. xxx

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