Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ring in the cash with your old phone

If you've got a drawer full of unused mobile phones hanging about your house, then you'll love this website, which allows you to instantly compare the resale value of your old technology from up to 29 mobile recycling companies.

At you simply search for the make and model of your old gadgetry and within seconds you can see which companies provide the highest price even if the phone is broken.  Useful eh, especially at this time of year, when you could be in line for an upgrade this Christmas. You just follow the instructions and send off your phone and you'll soon receive your cash.  And if you're a generous type, the site even shows which companies allow you to donate the proceeds directly to charity.

I can't wait for the day when I get to swap my old Nokia N97 smartphone for some cash.  I missed the opportunity three months ago, when my mobile contract was up for renewal and I decided to stick with my old phone and save money instead of upgrading.  Typically, within weeks of that decision my phone started to play up, rebooting itself in a sporadic fashion combined with memory problems that stop text messages coming through, as well as blocking access to the Internet.

Now that I know I can get cash even for a phone that doesn't work properly, I'll be champing at the bit to send it off when I upgrade in 15 months time....that's if it lasts that long.  If not, I'll be sending it sooner so I can invest in a reliable carrier pidgeon to deliver my messages.

It's easy to think that just because a piece of technology is outdated, broken, or isn't working properly, that it no longer has value, but this site helps to show that even very old models can fetch in a couple of pounds.

But don't just take my word for it.  Go and see for yourself and check out what you could earn for recycling those mobiles that are just gathering dust at home. Take a quick gander at and you might be pleasantly surprised.


Blogger disclaimer:  This post has been sponsored by as part of Karen Cannard's fundraising activities, where the full proceeds have been donated to the EACH Treehouse Appeal to build a new children's hospice in Suffolk.  The sponsorship arrangement has not impacted on the publishing of this post or the tone in which it has been written.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Let's not waste this Christmas: Adopt Baglady for 2011

Would you like to live more sustainability but need a helping hand from an experienced old drama queen? Maybe you're an eco-minded blogger who wants a great excuse to offer even more inspiration to your readers in 2011.

If this sounds like you and you fancy making your mark on creating a more sustainable society, please consider giving bonkers old Baglady a place in your home for 2011. To put it frankly, she's been hanging around here for much of 2010 and it's about time I moved her on. She won't take up much of your time I promise and in good olde Irish tradition, you can kick her out and send her on her way after you've helped her out a bit and when she's finished the washing up!

Baglady, aka environmental film-maker Shirley Lewis, hails from Northern Ireland and has pledged to help individuals and communities to live ASAP, i.e, As SUSTAINABLY as Possible. In her inimitable style she has been busy sorting out her local MPs and in 2011 she's planning on chatting up some more. In readiness she's collecting as many personal pledges as possible to take to her local assembly in June 2011 to help influence government policy and encourage politicians everywhere to take the lead in their own communities.  So she really needs your help!

What can you do?

It's very easy and won't take much time at all, no matter where in the world you are. Just spend a couple of minutes visiting Baglady's website and pledge to Take Up an idea that is sustainable and Give Up doing something in your life that isn't. Christmas is a great time to reflect on this and the new year is the perfect opportunity to set yourself some new goals and the children can get involved too.

There are also other ways in which you can help in the new year.  Baglady's campaign Round 2 ASAP is being officially launched by her PR company on 11/1/11 but she is an impatient old bag and wants to get the party started sooner than that. Well she is 590 million years old and has waited long enough, so who could blame her.

So if you are a blogger who would like to join Baglady in her SECRET INTERNET LAUNCH, sign up now! Taking place between 1st-10th January, all you need to do is blog about your own ASAP pledge and invite a few friends to do the same and help keep her going. It'll be fabulous to see how far she'll end up before she needs to be back in Northern Ireland on June 21st. 

Oh I love nothing better than a super duper secret launch party. If you would like to be involved as an ASAP Secret Launch blogger, please email me at karen[at]therubbishdiet[dot]co[dot]uk and I'll be happy to send out the official press release and blog badge and answer any questions that you might have.

So please let's not waste this Christmas: ADOPT BAGLADY FOR 2011 TODAY!


More information about Baglady and Pledge ASAP can be found at .
Blogger's disclaimer: Karen Cannard is currently working with Shirley Lewis as an adviser for Round2 ASAP.

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