Do you have a little green nag that sits on your shoulder poking you in the ear, telling you that you should reduce your waste and recycle more?  If so The Rubbish Diet Challenge could be just what you need to kick it off your shoulder and stop the nagging once and for all.

The Rubbish Diet Challenge is not just about the process of "reduce, reuse and recycle".  After all there's always time to recycle that extra thing or to think about reducing food waste.   What makes this challenge different is that it presents a goal and time frame in which you can achieve results that will deliver permanent change.

By taking up the Rubbish Diet Challenge, you'll have the opportunity to find out exactly what can be recycled in your area, you'll discover what those recycling symbols really mean and you'll also rediscover how to shop with waste in mind.   Indeed there are a whole range of ideas that could lead to a lifestyle makeover, whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom or garden.

And like all other diets, you can set your own targets, whether you wish to reduce your waste by 10%, 50% or even go for Zero Waste.  One thing's for certain, no matter which targets you set, by challenging yourself to a Zero Waste Week within 5 weeks of starting your Rubbish Diet, you will make amazing changes to your lifestyle and could find yourself not having to put the bin out for months at a time.  You could even save money too.

So, if you want to get cracking, just click on the logo below and that will take you straight to the new website, where once registered, you'll receive weekly tips and reminders to help you slim that bin.

The Rubbish Diet Challenge is a partnership project between Karen Cannard, the creator of The Rubbish Diet, Zero Waste consultancy Cwm Harry and Rachelle Strauss of My Zero Waste.

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