Friday 8 August 2014

Farewell old blog.

There comes a time when you know you're ready to close door for the last time and move on.  To turn the key and drive off to pastures new.

And I've come to realise that such a time has come for this blog.

There's part of me that doesn't want to let go.  After all, this space has been my home and the place where my family and I have grown up, working out how we manage my ever-increasing enthusiasm to reduce waste. 

It's also been the meeting point for many new friends.  Strangers, who have since become good friends.  We've laughed together, dined together, attended events together and naturally talked rubbish.

But I've been increasingly conscious that I don't spend much time here these days.  Not since the team and I have built a much bigger 'house', the Rubbish Diet website, which has become a worthy home to the online challenge and HQ for community support.   That's where you'll find all the latest updates about my exciting rubbish adventures, all that's happening in West London plus lots of tips and advice shared by our fantastic team.  For me, it no longer makes sense to have a blog and a website that share the same name.  It feels a real milestone to abandon this old thing.   It shows just how much The Rubbish Diet has grown up.

And I hope as I wave goodbye here, that you'll continue to follow me and the team over at We've got lots of exciting new things to announce in the autumn, so please do watch that space. 

But, I have some other news too.  This space grew out of my passion for blogging and my curiosity to learn. explore and document stuff that matters to me, whether it was family, the world around us or simply as an excuse for everyday self-expression and a chance to get something off your chest.   I am still a random blogger at heart, so I've built myself a new personal space.  It would be lovely to see you there. It's all fresh and free from my old clutter.  You can find it at

It's been six and half amazing years. To think that I thought this rubbish stuff would only last eight weeks.  Ha!  What did I know!  That's the thing with rubbish, it has that capacity to fire up a troubleshooter's imagination so bloody easily and never let go. 

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who's dropped by and supported me and my rubbish ideas over all this time.  You've been wonderful and have helped make some great things happen and create some fantastic memories.

There's still lots to do, so I hope this isn't really goodbye and that I'll see you in either Rubbish Diet HQ or my imaginary writing studio very soon. 

Let the rubbish adventures in those bins continue.

Karen x


Rachelle Strauss said...

Wow, I feel a bit teary. I can't imagine how difficult this post must have been to write. I think about shutting one of my sites and I can't bring myself to do it, so I applaud you and share a tissue with you (we'll compost it afterwards), but as one door closes another opens, and your new door over at RD HQ is wide open and brimming with possibilities.

It was this blog that inspired me to take the first tentative step on my own zero waste journey and I know countless others have taken your baton and run with it; so you can hang up this one particular hat knowing you've MORE THAN fulfilled a goal of turning the nation on to waste.

Good luck with your new blog too; it's a lovely space you've created xxx

Emma Croft said...

Wow! A watershed moment :) All the best on the lovely new blog. Emma x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thank you Rae. It's been an incredible experience and it still amazes me when I think of everything that has happened. Who'd have guessed eh. But look at what we've done. Thanks for all your support and forging ahead. Great to see another Zero Waste Week up ahead too. Will be right behind you...and as you've seen from the new blog... so will Laura. :) xxx

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Emma. Yes, it was a tough decision helped only by being comfortable that everything's now fully in place in its new home. Looking forward to having a space to include all my other goings on too. Thanks for all your support over the years. See you over at my new pad soon. :D xxx

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