Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The boots that walked on landfill

They now stand proud with floral grace.

even though they are broken and torn,

with holes and gaps that let the water in.

Yes they've been loved, adored and well-worn.

They were bought at a country living fair,

in the heart of our capital city.

The next day they were spotted in a local shop,

Shame I'd travelled so far. T'was a pity.

But these boots weren't made for just walking.

They were born to be centre-stage.

They can brighten up the dullest of days,

even when they've faded with age.

They've even brightened up a landfill site

during a visit I made last year.

But they didn't distract me from all that waste

where I almost shed a tear.

So they are now past their sell-by date.

At least where my feet are concerned.

But I couldn't send them to landfill again,

Not after everything I've since learned.

So instead of bunging them in the bin

They've been planted up with flowers.

And now stand proud on our doorstep,

Where they can be enjoyed for many more hours.


Written in honour of the BBC's Poetry season, just the for the fun of it.

Recycling facilities for wellington boots are hard to come by in the UK so reusing them as planters is a great alternative to landfill. We've got a garden full of them thanks to boys with feet that grow faster than leylandii. It's a good idea to make some holes in the boots first to help with drainage.

A search on Google has revealed that old rubber wellies can be sent to a Mr R Harrington at a Dunlop recycling site in Liverpool. However I have also read that the service is no longer available. If anyone has up-to-date news on this, it would be great to hear it. After all, it would be a shame to bombard an innocent citizen with unwanted boots.

But don't think there's no hope for old wellies. Smile Plastics, based in Shrewsbury, recycles wellies rejected by charity shops, turning them into new funky plastic sheets, which are sold to designers as material suitable for table coverings, flooring, and waterproof mats.

And last year, organisers of the Glastonbury Festival collected revellers' discarded welly boots, which they then sent to Senegal inAfrica.

So it looks like there's new life in old boots after all eh.

Well one thing's for sure, mine have got a whole lot of life in them yet!



Compostwoman said...

If they have no holes, you might want to offer them to a local school? as the schools I work with have racks of wellies and always want spares for outdoor activities ( Forest School, gardening etc...)

AND there are Welly and Jelly libraries around here, where they can be donated and swapped...

the verification word was "waiting"....very apt!


What a fab idea. I'll ask at our school. Ours are normally worn to death but we have had a couple of escapees. And I love the idea of the Welly and Jelly libraries too. How amazing. Pure genius. Thank you CW, you've just given me an idea that will come in handy for a friend :-D

Compostwoman said...

My pleasure :-)

I keep a stock of Compostgirl's outgrown wellies for my Forest School there is alway someone who sends their child with shoes...

Likewise fleeces, waterproofs, jeans etc..CG is a tall child, so I now have a range of sizes from 10 yr old back...( even tho' she is only 8!!)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Great idea Karen - looks pretty too. And you're a poet! A x

Danda said...

So nice!!!
The new look of your boots is very lovely! You chose the right kind of flowers to plant in! You have enough talent to be a designer! :D
And the verses are very nice too! Bravissima! :)

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

Reuse is worth promoting for waste items. It is also a memento of your landfill experience which you can refer to in the future when the waste situation improves.

The poem is a fine effort as well

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh they look beautiful sweetie, I love them. Are you heading to the big city on the 6th?? x


Hi CW - your Forest School activities sound great. I wish our school had more forest facilities. We've planted a woodland so you never know....a few years maybe. Great reuse of clothes by the way. :-D

LOL Anne...and God help the nation with my words. I have my moments, bizarre ones at that :-D

Thank you Danda - have I told you about my tiaras? Another sideline. I might blog about them one day. Glad you like my wellies and the flowers. Young master J, helped me pick them so I can't take all the credit :-D

Thanks John - actually they did look good at the landfill site, if you get my drift. And thanks for your kind words about my own words :-D

Hi Jo - so lovely to "see" you...and I think the answer must nw be ..."yes I am". Can't wait. x

MrsDesperate said...

They are gorgeous! What a great idea.


Thank you Mrs Desparate. Glad you like them and thanks for popping over :-D

Teresa (waste_diverter) said...

These look so beautiful (and nice poem too)! What an awesome idea!

Kate said...

Lovely poetry, I am very impressed. I bet it looks great on your front porch!

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