Sunday, 24 May 2009

When is a wheelbarrow not a wheelbarrow?

Well it might look like a kids' wheelbarrow, but those days are long gone thanks to a crack in its side.

This children's gardening toy was bought brand new from the Early Learning Centre about five years ago. But after several years of wear and tear at the hands of our young bin saboteur, it finally gave up the ghost last year. It almost ended up in one of Fran Crowe's exhibitions, but it was given extended life in the garden and experienced a touch of reincarnation this weekend.

You see it's no longer a wheelbarrow.


Yes, yes, I know it still looks like a wheelbarrow.

However, bung in some compost, a couple of tomato plants and some basil, and hey presto, we've got ourselves a new plant pot with integrated drainage facilities.

Just in time too, because even though it might not be the best invention in the world, it can certainly be classed as a re:invention or indeed an example of re:use, which is rather timely for the Guardian/Junkk Re:use competition that is being hosted at the Junkk website, the place on the web where rubbish gets a whole new meaning.

I'm not sure if my re-invention will get anywhere, especially with the number of geniuses out there, but I've entered the competition with some my fingers crossed that I might be in with a chance. If you fancy having a go yourself, all you need to do is register your entry at by Sunday 31st May.

So it's time to get cracking and see what other stuff can be kept out of the landfill. Better hide your old toys kids. Nothing's safe while I'm sporting my thinking cap!



mrs green said...

:D lovely! And it goes beautifully with your wellies too!

Good luck with the comp; I think you'll be in with a great chance :)

Don said...

I love it! Just be careful that it doesn't tip over when that tomato fills out. I tipped over two wheelbarrow loads of dirt yesterday.

Good luck with your contest, your pic looks like a winner.

Evil Edna said...

It is like a spider with socks, practical, natural and quirky. I think, like said spider who will no longer hurt his feet on sharp stones, it will go along way. Seriously through really cool. My old plastic sledge ended up as a plant holder and then some frogs moved in.


Peter said...

Trying hard not to sound too much like a David Brent, 'there is no such thing as a bad idea'. So your contribution is entirely welcome and I thank you for taking the time to submit. You're well in with a chance!

Certainly well presented, innovative, and indeed a definite example of redirecting a piece of plastic from the bin/landfill.

The comp is proving a slow burner so far, sad to say (bearing in mind an in-theory 350,000 Guardian readers saw it - not to mention several of their eco-journos subsequently. I know this because I have pointed out their own comp on their own blogs in their own papers, but it has proven frustrating at times to find positive, proactive ideas/solutions often seem less enthusiastically supported by endless talkfests, moans and/or planet ban-its), so I am hoping it's just a matter of a nudge and maybe a bit more time.

So I am thinking of extending the deadline to try and attract further entries to challenge the fine ideas of those who have already taken the plunge.

The prizes are well worth it, and the comp is FREE, so if you have goy something in mind... share it!

Ta for the share. And DOING something on top of just talking. This I am hoping will be the way our kids' futures are secured.

Condo Blues said...

I think it's cute and brillant. And will make excellent tomato sauce at the end of the summer!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Great idea Karen and I'll bet your boys are tickled with the idea as well. It all encourages the young to get into gardening. A x


Thanks Mrs G - I am now wondering what else I can add to the garden...a girl could get too obsessed you know :-D

Hi Don - Thanks for top tip (excuse the pun). Will most definitely be careful. :-D

Evil Edna - you do make me chuckle. Can we talk about spiders with socks on Tuesday? :-D

Hi Peter - thanks for the thumbs up. I hope other people join in. The extended deadline would certainly help as it is such a worthy and notable competition. Reusing should certainly get an equal amount of publicity to that of recycling, if not more. Good luck with the judging :-D

LOL - thanks Condo Blues....if you've got a good recipe for tomato sauce, I would definitely appreciate it. :-D

Hi Anne - they love it and are also looking forward to the next quirky item they can add to the list. We do have an old plastic digger truck...not as cute as the wheelbarrow this space :-D

Kate said...

People are probably going to see your wheelbarrow pot and want to know where they can get one! What a great idea!

Derrick Trucks said...

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