Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Calling all eco-friendly credit-crunching media stars!

As most readers of The Rubbish Diet share an enthusiasm for either talking rubbish or saving their hard-earned cash - or indeed both - I'd like to alert you to a couple of opportunities where you can share your passion with a wider audience. That's right - an opportunity to grab a piece of the limelight on both the small screen and on a DVD.

The first is a chance to star in a new TV programme, which is currently being developed for Channel 4, by London based production company Red House TV. The programme is described as a positive feel-good show which focuses on thrifty living and cost-effective spending.

So whether it's an ability to track down a bargain, a knack for household economy or simply a talent for surviving on little or no money, no matter how unusual your tip, they would love to hear from you. For an informal chat please call Cecily Ancliffe on 0207 855 7450 or email

The second opportunity to share your wisdom is the call for participation from Little Shiva, the fabulous blogger behind the Visible Trash Society, a website that highlights fabulous ways of reusing "rubbish" as art.

Her latest project is a video montage that she is creating for a travelling exhibition called Visible Trash - Art into Action. She is inviting blog readers to send her a 2 second movie (high res) to be included in the montage. All you need to do is be filmed standing in front of something you consider to be rubbish and say the word "TRASH". The deadline is 13th June. You'll be credited on the video and will also receive your own copy of the DVD. For inspiration, there is an example of a video clip as well as full instructions on her latest blogpost.

So if you decide to take part in either of these ventures, you won't let fame go to your head will you? I'd like you to still come and visit me. Selfish I know, but I just love your company. Whatever happens, it would be interesting to find out how you get on. So don't be shy now, switch on your webcams and start talking money or trash....

...or if you can't help yourself.... both!



Condo Blues said...

Oh I'm sure the TV programme is open to UK residents only. Too bad, I'd love to share my reuse projects with them!

Anthony said...

"The programme is described as a positive feel-good show which focuses on thrifty living and cost-effective spending"

Isn't that what we all need.


Hi Condo Blues - you would most definitely be brilliant. How about a new programme called the Thrift Exchange, with cross-atlantic knowledge sharing. :-D

Hi Anthony - quite right too. There's lots of knowledge out there that would be great to share. :-D

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