Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day: It's time to meet the Green Thing

There's no getting away from it, Climate Change is such a serious subject.

What with the facts, the figures, the uncertainties as well as the heavy debates and persuasion, not to mention all the things you need to juggle just to do your bit. It can most certainly make your head hurt

So it's refreshing when a wriggly little thing with three eyes pops up to remind us of the small things that count and how these little things make a huge difference.

This positive creature is called the Green Thing.

If you haven't met it yet, perhaps it's time to say hello, especially as it's Blog Action Day and bloggers all over the world are encouraging people to stop and think about how we tackle climate change.

So without further ado,I invite you to click on the video below and shake the Green Thing by one of its many tentacles. Just be careful it doesn't tickle you though especially when you're least expecting. It's reached the final of this year's Green Awards and it could get rather excited.

Meet Green Thing from Green Thing on Vimeo.



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