Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm still here, but I'm also over there too!

Here's a big hello from the East of England. I'm sorry if I've been a bit quiet on the blog recently. As well as celebrating the news of last week, I've also been busy looking after a poorly little boy and preparing for a bigger boy's 8th birthday [geez, he was just six when I started the blog].

And while all this has been happening I've also been getting around making a few guest appearances elsewhere on the old Interweb.

So any guesses, where I've been hanging out?

Well at the weekend, we popped over to the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival, which was a great event. I'm hoping to blog about it soon, but in the meantime I've put some photos up on my Twitpic Account.

I've also been talking rubbish over at MyZeroWaste , helping Mrs Green out with a guest post and being loud and proud about community action. She's got some other articles from other familiar faces, so do go and have an explore.

And elsewhere, I've been interviewed by Willi Paul over at PlanetShifter, answering some very deep questions about all sorts of things to do with recycling and sustainability. And yes it did make my head hurt on times.

So after all that, I think I need to put my feet up before my 8-year-old gets home desperate to tuck into the birthday cake.

It's a zero waste one of course.....

Well it will be when I've made it!

It's at times like this I really wish I could be in two places at the same time.


mrs green said...

Hi Mrs A - what a busy week for you! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful guest post today; it was so inspiring.

Enjoy the Birthday cake and Happy Birthday to your little boy :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do everything and blog too!
We're getting there slowly. 2 small carrier bags again this fortnight. It would have been less, but my parents and in laws are in league with the grown up bin sab.Bothe sets of grandparents insist on bringing treats for the children, despite saying how wonderful they don't eat many crisps/sweets etc and how great it is that we've reduced our waste so much...
Anyway, on the positive side we had fish and chips from the new takeaway in the next village and I asked for it without the polystyrene trays! Felt a bit daft, and the girl behind the counter obviously thought I'd lost the plot even when I explained why, but hey ho, no polystyrene in my bin!



Hi Mrs G - happy to help and delighted that you invited me. You've had some great guests but I'm also looking forward to seeing you back though :-D

Hi Hazel - The secret is that the housework gets left until a moment of flash panic - well something's got to give :-D Anyway, that's great news about the fish and chips and your story did make me chuckle. Aren't grandparents great LOL. My mother's speciality is to bring a plentiful supply of lollipops when she visits. The kids love it....but then Mr A and I eat most of them when she goes home :-D

Layla said...

lol about the lollipops!!

I'm suspecting if I had kids my parents would've been the same!! /sigh/ while advocating the importance of 'healthy food' to everyone!! ugh... (maybe without the lollipops... hopefully??)

And hope the poorly one goes all well soon!!


LOL Layla - lollipops are nothing believe me...well not when you consider the scenario last night when Mr A came home with little J's birthday present and several sheets of wrapping paper.

Now I know it's not a big issue in itself, but he seems to have forgotten that I bought a reusable present sack last year for this very purpose, so that we could save money and reduce waste.

Problem was, I can't remember where we've put the present sack, so it's not as though we could have used it. (LOL)

Anyway after arguing the toss and Mr A wrapped up the present, little J emerged this morning and regardless of the pressie that lay within came out with "Wow Daddy, the wrapping paper is really cool. I really want to keep it."

I think that's a case of all's well that ends well if ever I've witnessed one :-D

Gotta go now, but thanks for popping by. Great to see you and I look forward to catching up with your other comments in the morrow. :-D xx

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

The PlanetShifter interview was a fine effort giving your personal perspective on many relevant points.

The debate is ongoing and we can inform opinion and clear misconceptions about the trend. The religion comment is one presented to me as well but the real issue is empowerment of consumers, who have been otherwise impotent in the face of supermarket excesses.


Hi John - Thanks for popping over . Great comment too. It was really interesting having to face questions that I sometimes ponder about but not necessarily cover on the blog. The religion question was a really interesting issue and a few sentences doesn't do it much justice. It's the kind of thing that a whole essay would be more appropriate.

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