Saturday, 10 October 2009

It's 10:10 - Happy Anniversary Mr A.

"We're not swapping presents this year are we?" asked Mr A attempting to settle his nerves over whether he needed to buy me a gift for our wedding anniversary, which happens to be today.

Well, it's always worth checking your wife's expectations don't you think! He's a very wise husband indeed.

Anyway, to cut a long story short (which I know is a rarity around these parts), I declined the offer of a pressie on account of having enough sparkly things, lingerie and champagne to last me for a while longer .

And besides he's already "treated me" to my very first pair of reading glasses this week. And that wasn't cheap, neither was his loving acceptance that his old bird had finally reached "that age".

But don't worry, romance isn't quite dead yet - despite the ageing process kicking in - because yesterday I had a momentous brainwave and rang him to break the news.

"You know I said I didn't want anything for our anniversary" I mumbled, interrupting him during his lunchbreak.

"Yes?" he replied, in more of a questioning tone rather than one of confirmation.

"Well, I've changed my mind" I added, then proceeded to ramble on about how I'd like to make a small donation to 10:10, the organisation that is working its socks off to inspire individuals, businesses and public organisations to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. Here are just a few of their supporters, lots of other ordinary folk down at the launch party in the summer.

"That's how I'd like to celebrate our anniversary, by pledging to commit to our future." I said.

Then came the silence. Surely that was what marriage was about anyway.

The donation may have seemed a random suggestion - just like the day he returned home from work earlier this month to my announcement that I'm to become a poppy seller. It has all probably left him wondering if I'm the same old girl that he married 11 years ago. Indeed I often wonder if I am indeed the same lass who you can see in the photo below.

But before I knew it, he'd agreed to my anniversary wish and a cheque is now winging its way to help produce supporter packs for people who want to raise awareness in their local communities.

But it's not just about donating money. It's also about taking action too. And I've been pondering this a lot over the last few weeks.

Okay, I know we've been doing our bit and reducing our carbon footprint quite significantly as far as recycling and reducing waste go, but I've wondered what else I can do and it's all becoming blindingly obvious, dare I say.

Now it might sound very 20th Century and 1950s housewife-ish, but I'm beginning to think it all revolves looking after my husband a lot better than I've been doing for the last few years or so.

Take this week, when he gently suggested that he should perhaps take home-made lunches to work...instead of partaking in the 8 mile round trip into town, or dropping into the nearest supermarket!

Yes, I know... I've never been efficient in that particular area.

Then there's the issue of organising our kitchen, so I can make better use of the little storage we have and minimise the shopping trips that I have to make.

And of course, there's the perennial issue of the growing pile of pants.

If I wasn't such a hapless case of a housewife, I might just keep on top of the washing pile, which means he'd never again have to make an emergency trip to Marks and Spencer for a critical top up.

These are just some small changes that can make a huge difference.

So, I've a funny old feeling that today I may be renewing our marriage vows, which will go someway beyond for richer or poorer or in sickness and in health. It looks like I'm going to need an organisational overhaul.

Of course, if I'm going to do my bit for saving energy it will mean turning down the lights tonight and digging out the tea lights instead. I just need to find something to put them in.

Perhaps I could use some of those jam jars that I have been collecting for I don't know what?

The problem is, where the blimmin' 'eck did I put them?

Oh well, it looks like it's back to the kitchen for me for a good rummage in my disorganised cupboards...and while I'm there, I'll remember to wash those blimmin' pants.

So happy anniversary Mr A. Here's to clean pants, hot lunches and reducing emissions. I love you and thank you even more than ever for putting up with me x


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

I've been meaning to ask you something about toothpaste tubes and you may have already covered this subject.
I'm sure you know that they are recyclable but it would be nice to see how we could do this over the sink without causing harm to our little fingers!
While I'm on the subject, why hasn't anyone invented a toothpaste container that is easy to clean out and put in the blue bin?
Dragons' Den idea maybe?

mrs green said...

Happy Anniversary to you both - I love your wedding pic! And I love the pressie you have given one another; that's so special. Like you say, it's all about giving to the future generations now.

Have a wonderful day!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs A. Great to see your wedding picture - you do look a happy couple.

Great idea about the pressie too - today we are going to a 70th birthday bash - no presents, but a donation to the birthday boy's chosen charity will be made. A x

Evil Edna said...

aww y'pair of spoppy puppies.
mr & mrs beee nice too each other, think of the fuuuurture etc etc.


Almost Mrs Average said...

Hey Drude - how are you diddling? Great to see you and thanks for the anniversary wishes. Now you've reminded me, I did bump into a chap at a conference this year who runs a company that can recycle the bendy plastic toothpaste tubes and is in the process of "talking to people". In the meantime, I've switched to the metal canister products and take the cans to the recycling centre along with the any aerosols cans that come my way. I also use the Colgate toothpaste that comes in the plastic bottles, which are made of PET and can be washed out and put in our blue bins. But either way, you're right....we could do with a touch of self-cleaning technology that is simple and makes it easier for the packaging to be processed. How I wish I was an inventor ;-)

Hi Mrs G - thank you. Had a great evening. Sent Mr A out to get a romantic comedy movie. Not sure about his choice though. Even thought it was great viewing, "He's just not that into you" might have had other wives battering their husbands with a wet haddock. :-D

Hi Anne - thank you for your lovely wishes...I hope you had a great party. It seems to be more and more prevalent now that people are making such choices when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. My mother now regularly says that she doesn't want anything for her birthday. I'm becoming to used to the fact that she really means it. (I hope she does or I could be in trouble by Christmas) :-)

Hello Evil Edna - you are lovely really, you are. Now come to mine and let's drink gin :-D

Karin said...

congratulations from me, too.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thank Karin. As someone said this week, we're now in double figures LOL :-D

Layla said...

Aww... So ROMANTIC!!! :)

You both look even more fab now!! And I think he's lucky to have you, Mrs A!! (How many wives would wish for minks and diamonds!! Probably cheaper and less inconvenient to write a cheque, no? ;)

About the toothpaste: I was told to cut it and clean it? (Not sure if it'd get recycled here anyway.. Still using salt, put it in a small re-used glass container!)

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Layla - but I haven't told you about my expensive taste in hotels :-D It's a good job I've calmed down my other desires LOL.

You're so good with the salt. I wouldn't even last a week. :-D

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Happy Anniversary! Lately my husband and I do experience type gifts for our anniversary like subscriptions to touring Broadway shows. I buy his subscription and he buys mine. :) Although there was that one year we bought an HE washer because our died beyond repair. Not romantic by any means, but fitting, we used wedding money gifts to buy the now dead washing machine.

My husband takes homemade lunches to work too. To save time, he makes up something in the slower cooker on Sunday so he can eat it all week. Or he takes leftovers from dinner.

Can't help you with the pants overload. You have 2 strapping young lads. Can you make them do it? Tell them doing laundry builds character!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Lisa - I feel an urge to create a "Love is..." series for the modern age LOL. It will help us redefine our new expectations of romantic gestures :-D're right. From now on my boys will wash their own pants. Thank you.

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