Monday, 15 February 2010

The Rubbish Diet Challenge, Week 6: Up close and personal

One of these bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.  Can you spot which one?

Welcome back to the Rubbish Diet Challenge.  It's week 6 already and if you've been busy sorting out how you can reduce waste in the garden, you'll be grateful for an opportunity to relax and pamper yourself indoors.

And there will be the chance to pamper yourself this week, plus time to browse the shelves for some beautiful cosmetics that are kinder to your bin as well as your complexion.  However, there are some hard decisions to make too, thinking about the kinds of things that would normally make you blush.

This week's guide discusses all sorts of things from make-up, to toilet paper and even sanitary products.  And for any guys who are looking in, don't worry, it's not all girlie business: if you have teeth and need to shave,  there are some ideas that might appeal to you too.

Indeed, there should be something for everyone, including tots, kids, the middle-youth and elderly.  And as ever, if you can't recycle it, this guide encourages you to find a reuse for it.   

You'll be surprised what you can reuse these days.  Even toothpaste tubes can be reused, as Mrs Green over at MyZeroWaste discovered recently.  She's even launching a collection point at her local Sainsburys and Tesco this week and will send them to a charity called the Philippines Community Fund.  See her blog for details.

And did you know, surgeries across the UK have the opportunity to collect unused and unopened medicines for medical aid in Africa?  It's all above board and will keep valuable drugs from being buried or burned.

You'll find details about this and lots more in the new online guide for Week 6, called Up close and personal, which is available now at:



Susie - said...

I'm really enjoying reading all the rubbish diet challenge posts :) They must have taken so much time and effort to write - thank you!
I hope they stay up, because I think they'll be really useful for me to go through again when I move house and have more control over my bin (I'm staying with my mum at the moment and she's taken to calling me 'the bin nazi'!)

lunarossa said...

Cannot get more useful than that! Thanks, Karen. Cannot wait for your final complete "booklet" with your precious advice. It would make a great present for my friends. If you like beetroot and spinach, you can get some free seeds here:
Ciao. A.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Sooz - I'm glad you like them and thanks so much for your feedback. Yes I'm planning to keep them up and when they all published, I'll try and get it indexed too, so you can find the bits that you need more easily in the future. Keep up the good work with your bin policing :-)

Hi Antonella - thank you too for your lovely comments. I'm looking forward to the last sections being online and I hope they will be of help too. It's a Zero Waste Week coming up next....are you ready? Hope so :-) Thanks for the seed link BTW, sounds right up my street.

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