Monday, 1 February 2010

The Rubbish Diet Challenge: Week 4, cleaning up your mess

Well hello! How are you getting on with your mission to slim your bins? I hope the gradual steps over the the last few weeks have made it easier for you.

Anyway welcome back to Week 4 of the Rubbish Diet challenge, where my alter-ego Delores, will be introducing all sorts of novel ways to tackle the crud that goes in your bin. Look at her! She's a force to be reckoned with and will be rooting through your bins if you're not careful, so if I were you, I'd have a good crack at taking in as many tips as you can from this week's challenge.

Yes, this week's guide takes you through your domestic chores, encouraging you to reassess the amount of stuff that ends up in your rubbish, whether you're doing the washing up, the laundry or just running around the vacuum cleaner. Sorry I meant to write "running around WITH the vacuum cleaner", although I find the original statement far more entertaining.

There are opportunities to slim your bin at every angle through reusable and refillable options. So do keep your eyes peeled for new products that suit your lifestyle. Even Asda is in the news today, announcing the launch of its refillable fabric conditioner trial in five stores across the UK. See the latest article in today's Telegraph:

But there's even more you can do than that and the great news is with so many alternatives out there, it's not that difficult to reduce the amount of cleaning waste that ends up in your bin.

So to get you in the mood, take a mini-break, grab a cuppa and read the guide to Week 4. You can find it waiting for you at:

And when you've finished, let me know how you get on and I promise I'll keep Delores at bay!


UPDATE: Here's a bit of link-love. To see what NixdMinx makes of Ecover's latest range of waste-free products and how she's getting on without kitchen roll, pop over to her post about Green Living.



Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

The great thing about green cleaners is that you can find so many of to fit your particular needs and budget. I got very concerned about what my old floor cleaner might to do my dog after he groomed himself and got it inside him (based on my neighor's experience with her edlerly kitty) that I finally gave that cleaning with vinegar thing a try. I was amazed that it worked so well! I was certainly pleased that I could buy a big gallon of my new floor cleaner in a larger bottle and at a cheaper price than the stuff I was using. And I was really pleased that I could eventually recycle the bottle and cap - woo hoo!

I have a little award for you on my blog because I think you're fab and you live too far away to treat to a cuppa mint tea grown and dried from my garden.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Lisa - it's great what you discover isn't it. Since we've reduced the amount of chemicals we use in the home, I've also become less tolerant of them elsewhere.

That's brilliant news about the award. Thank you so much. I'm popping over to get it :-) xxx

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Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks for thinking of me Rene. Although I don't quite appreciate the spam, I can't help wondering whether your packaging is waste free. :-)

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