Monday, 22 February 2010

The Rubbish Diet Challenge: Week 7, The Big Declutter

Whoopadey woo, I've finally made it out from my piles upon piles and onto the blog to give you the big declutter update.  And look at the treasure I've found, a pair of sparkly shoes, which were stashed away in a box on top of the wardrobe.  They were placed there for safe keeping, but I forgot where I put them and have spent the last two years scratching my head wondering if I'm going mad.

We only live in a three bedroom house,  so there's hardly any room for stuff to go amiss, yet in the last couple of weeks, I've also uncovered one of my favourite umberellas, three more pairs of shoes, an MP3 player and a radio alarm.  It really is like Christmas all over again.

Now that I've found my rewards from my decluttering manoeuvres, it's over to you to see what you can find in your own little treasure trove of stuff that's tucked away or piled up high behind every cupboard and door in your home.

Yes, welcome to Week 7 of the Rubbish Diet challenge, where after six weeks of tackling your everyday rubbish, it's time to uncover the things that are wasting away in your clutter hotspots.

You'll find all you need in this week's guide, which is now published online at:

My goodness, can it really be Week 7 already.  That can only mean one thing... that there's just one week to go until I ask you to attempt a Zero Waste Week.

Cor blimey!  Well, I wouldn't worry about that now, you'll be far too busy working out what to do with the bits and bobs you discover in your big sort out.

And as for me, I'm going to slip on my sparkly shoes and treat myself to a nice glass of wine then read the book that I rescued from a pile of stuff that had been crammed into a cupboard in the bedroom.

You'll never guess what it's's a clue!

You might snigger but it's never too late.  I might have made great progress already but Clare Baker from ClutterClearing writes on her website that as I've kept hold of  my clutter for a  year, it could take me 3 months to completely clear and organise it.   It's worth popping over to see how long yours will take too...assuming you've got some of course.

Oh well, it looks like I'll be busy for another month yet.  See you next week then, when I'll be sure to pop up for air!



Unknown said...

What a beautiful shining pair of shoes!!!
And what a great work you're doing at home! Decluttering is my nightmare every week, but, yes, it's a happy surprise to find something that was disappeared in the mess... Once I found a banknote I hide in a jacket I had in my cupboard... I had totally forgot it, it was like I won the lottery! LOL
Thanks for your useful tips every week... you're great! :)

Lou said...

Lovin' the shoes.

I am trying to de-clutter, it appears we moved house with most of it. However my family seem desperate to keep all the stuff I secrete into bags for the charity shop...never fear I will persevere (ohhh a rhyme...)

Evil Edna said...

oooohhh shiney!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

If you need any help decluttering your wine cellar, you just let me know. I'll be right over.

Love the cha-cha heels!

lunarossa said...

Inspired by your find, I went rummaging into my wardrobe and I also found an 'old' pair of sparking shoes very similar to yours that I'd forgotten I had! They look so new that I think I must have worn them only once...Merci bien! Ciao. A

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Danda - LOL, how brilliant to find some cash. I'm hoping to uncover a lottery ticket, which I lost at Christmas. Wish me luck :-)

Hi Lou - why do they do that. My youngest is the same. I think he follows my side of the family :-)

Hey Evil Edna - indeed...Shiny, shiny, shiny :-)

LOL Condo Blues - You can most definitely help...there's not much in there at the mo though :-)

Hahaha Antonella, I think that can mean only one thing. We need night out in York :-)

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