Friday, 18 April 2008

Recycling: a modern way to pull?

Rubbish: - A short film with Anna Friel, Martin Freeman and James Lance,

I love this short film which I found on You Tube yesterday. You'll need about 12 minutes to watch it but it's worth the patience.

It made me wonder what dating must be like in the 21st Century, in a world where environmental issues can raise such passions within. Having been in matrimonial bliss for 10 years (and still am, I hasten to add), I haven't needed to consider a chat-up line since the last century, which makes me feel happy even if a teeny weeny bit old.

But if you're single in the 21st Century, can outlining your eco-principles help in finding your perfect partner? Does it make it easier or more difficult to pinpoint the man or woman of your dreams? Would you be more attracted to someone if they were an efficient recycler?

Some people think so, which is why online eco-dating sites are becoming more popular. Sites like Earth Wise Singles and Green Passions allow you to specify your particular interest whether it's recycling, animal rights, alternative energy etc. So if you're still looking for "the one", this may be a good place to start.

So next time you're at the supermarket and it's a case of love at first sight with a tetra pak in hand, there's always a new line you could try...

Smile gently, and with your sexiest undertones, whisper:

"You can recycle that you know."

You may get a funny look, or even an eccentric reputation, but on the positive side you could meet your ideal partner. And if it doesn't work out, at least you will have shared some useful info!



Anonymous said...

That was a good find!
Really enjoyed it and going to post it on my myspace page ;-)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Pog - glad you liked it. Hope you're settling back into Bury St Edmunds after your brief spell away ;-D

yosie said...

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