Monday, 14 July 2008

Carnival of Trash # 1

The Rubbish Diet is pleased to host the very first edition of Carnival of Trash and would like to thank all participants for their submissions. We've got everything from composting to recycling with poetry, art and letters, with lots of tips, all intent on highlighting the madness of waste.

It's really great to get everyone together again and what a pleasure to be doing this in the week of my 40th birthday, which is coming up on Friday. Most people get a party for their birthday, but I get a brand new Carnival, which is why everyone's contributions are even more special.

So, please do take the time to visit these thought-provoking links and if you are inspired, please feel free to get involved.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the round-up. Enjoy the Carnival and have fun!


Madeleine Begun Kane kicks us off with Trash Day posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.


Matthew Philip presents Why Composting is So Important for the Environment posted at EnviroHumanImpact, saying, "We recently ran an article discussing the importance of composting for the environment. We detail the top 7 most important reasons for composting and how to get started, which are both simple and can save money!"


Tip Diva presents Tip Diva | Top Ten Tips - Recycling Old Newspapers And Magazines posted at Tip Diva, saying, "If you have old newspapers or magazines and don’t know what to do with them, don’t fret - there are plenty of ways to recycle your pile"

Tip Diva also presents Tip Diva | Top Ten Tips - Reusing Chinese Takeout Containers posted at Tip Diva, saying, "When you receive Chinese, Japanese or other takeout food in plastic containers, do not throw them out after consuming your wonton soup. They are versatile and can be employed for many different uses"

Danda presents "Progetto Metamorphosi" / the 'Metamorphosi Project' posted at dandaworld, saying, "I discovered a wonderful couple of young Italian artists who recycle glass as artworks and design objects. They also founded an organization, the "Metamorphosi Project" which is involved in helping Latin American people to reuse waste and having a more environmentally friendly life."

Reducing Waste

Alison presents One Can Challenge Update posted at Green Me.


Donna Freedman presents Why is it so easy to throw things away? posted at Smart Spending, saying, "How many of these things would have ended up in the waste stream?"

Donna also presents Yard sale stuff that nobody wants posted at Smart Spending, saying, "Nobody really needs another coffee mug."

Beth Terry presents Dear Citrus Solv, Dear (Blue Vinyl DVD Distributor) New Video, and National Geographic: You're green but you could be a little greener, a series of letters posted at Fake Plastic Fish, saying "For companies who bombard us with excess or non-biodegradable packaging."

Zero Waste

Mrs Green presents No Rest for the Wicked, at saying, "Getting prepared for our Zero Waste Week in September".

That concludes this edition and what a jolly good start it was. If you would like to get involved, please submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Trash using our carnival submission form. Future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

It would be great if we could find a fantastic image for the Carnival. So if you are a bit creative and would like your work to be promoted, please email your design to The Rubbish Diet, by clicking on this link.



Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs A - great first carnival! I hope you were pleased with it.

I'm really looking forward to hosting next month's - I've got some great people lined up who are eager to take part; so it should be another fabby celebration.

Have a wonderful week and a lovely Birthday,
Mrs G x

dandaworld said...

Great sites and great bloggers! Many thanks for hosting me again in your first Carnival! I am still reading articles... I am a little 'slow with my English ☺ , but I found very interesting posts about composting - that will help me very soon - and the post of Mrs. Green, who is very similar to me! I hope to be able to have time to comment on her blog and encourage her to the next challenge!
See you soon!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mrs G - Thanks for joining in and for hosting in August. That post still makes me chuckle. Anyway it's been a good one and I hope you've managed to have a look through the fabulous submissions. I'd better get thinking about my own for next month's issue. Nothing like pressure eh! Oh what have I started ;-D x

Hi Danda - Thank you also for joining in, with your wonderful post. It would be great if you could contribute next month as well. It's a perfect excuse to pay a visit to Mrs Green who will be hosting it...not that an excuse is needed mind. She's got a competition on this month to win a Bokashi, so that's yet another great reason to pop over. As for your English it is great. ;-D

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