Sunday, 7 December 2008

All in a Christmas lather

Blimmin 'eck. It's Sunday night and there's a bit of a lather going on in the Almost Average household.

I've been falling over myself with responsibilities with the dawning realisation that the festive season is upon us and the one thing that I really want for Christmas isn't really possible. It might sound drastic but I could do with the whole thing being pushed back a few months.

Blubbedyrubbedyflibbedy-woo. The tell-tale signs are starting.

Take last week. Mr A went brought our Christmas tree home and put it up on Wednesday (we always do it early in our house). I had explained that it would not be possible to decorate until Friday.

So the bare tree sat in the corner of the living room.

There were my school governor responsibilities to deal with on Thursday followed by speaking at a regional Climate Change conference on Friday. With so much impending excitement leaving me on the cusp of turning green, by the time the evening arrived I'd felt like an alien had eaten my brain. All I could do was stay awake long enough to enjoy the curry that Mr A had made to celebrate the anniversary of when we first met back in 1992. A delicious Rogan Josh followed by a big long sleep.

So the tree stood bare in the corner again.

Then there was the book to write in the morning, followed by a quick visit to the market and then an afternoon Hen Party with a difference as well as a champagne laced Christmas party on Saturday night.


Another busy day today and the tree's still bare. Too tired to do it tonight. It's a two hour job that'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Problem is...I'm beginning to like the minimalist look and I think I'd like it to stay. Perhaps pop an angel on top to show some festive spirit.

But someone's been busy in my absence. I think they're a bit desperate, either that or the Christmas fairies have got some other ideas. Have a look at the photo again. It's certainly a new take on a hanging decoration.

Having been woken up early by my 4 year old for the 7th day running, I'm now off to bed to catch up on my beauty sleep. But don't let that spoil your fun.

Before you head off, be sure to visit the brilliant Just Gai over at the ZeroWaist blog to find out how you can take part in the Christmas Carnival of Trash that's taking place on the 15th December. Looks like I've got the perfect Christmas Tree photo to kick off the seasonal fun. So please join in and submit your entry by Friday 12th and do take time to find out how Just Gai managed with her own zero waste challenge earlier this year.

And come back soon, when I'll be revealing some photos of my neighbour's hen party. It was definitely the best zero waste event I could have wished for



Anonymous said...

this is such a great story. I just love the picture of the christmas tree. it has me laughing alot.

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Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Jim - I might try it again next year. Thanks for dropping by and taking time to leave a comment. It's always appreciated :-D

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