Thursday 12 February 2009

MEGA MEGA News: Almost Mrs Average is officially speechless

As regular readers will know, there are very few things that render me speechless and make my legs turn to jelly.

Absinthe did once, but that was a long time ago before you got to know me. Later there was labour both the first and second time round - the act of childbirth I should add, not the political party!

But nothing has made me more speechless in recent times than standing on the top of landfill, smelling the stench of household waste as it was bulldozed and buried into our landscape. The pitiful sight of reusable resources poking up through the soil. It wasn't just a sad picture of civilised society, it was worse. It was a depressing reflection of my own ignorance prior to my Zero Waste challenge that began last January.

How could an intelligent woman not have registered the implications of methane and leachate on the environment? Why hadn't I considered that our ordinary rubbish is actually a valuable resource that should be harvested to save energy, costs and virgin resources? And when I was recycling what I could, why hadn't I realised the urgency of reducing the surplus stuff that I never really needed in the first place?

It took St Edmundsbury's Zero Waste challenge and the creation of this blog to wake myself up to waste minimisation on the homefront, reaching out to a whole new community of folk who were able to teach or who were ready to learn with me. Learning about simple changes, especially the small ones that could make a huge difference.

That was a year ago.

Well folks, one year later I am speechless again.

In fact, I am bowled over and so beside myself that I don't know which way to turn.

But this time it's not the sight of landfill that's turning my legs to jelly.

It's something far more glamorous.

And I hope my news will make your legs go wobbly too.

You deserve it because it's down to everyone's actions, encouragement and inspirational words that I find myself being able to share this with you today and I want to thank you.

You see, what I'm trying to tell you is that The Rubbish Diet blog has been shortlisted for the MediaGuardian Innovation Awards 2009, in the very exciting Independent Media category, covering citizen media and blogs. I know, I am still pinching myself, wondering if it's all true.

But I am pleased to say it is true and is indeed a privilege. In fact it's all revealed on the MediaGuardian's website, which includes a stunning range of other shortlisted entries for the awards that have been nicknamed the MEGAs. There is so much talent I know I'll be weak at the knees when the winners are announced on March 24th at the awards ceremony in London.

Oh I wish I could take you with me, not just to witness the the wonderful competition - which is very very good - but to help with the recycling. Someone needs to ask what they do with their bottles don't they? I wonder if Mr A will be sober enough to find out.

But don't worry. I promise to be good and represent you well, making sure I recycle my empties.

The Rubbish Diet at the MEGAs eh!

Who would have thought?

Of course I am delighted, excited and truly honoured to have been shortlisted.

But if you could watch me as I write, you'd witness my glazed-over stare, my eyes wide-open with nothing to say but...


It's a good job too. Just imagine the length of this post if I wasn't speechless!



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh congratulations Mrs A - you thoroughly deserve to be a nominee and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to be the winner. I'll go and have a look at the others on the shortlist but I'm sure you will stand out from the crowd. Good luck. A x

PS. Hope you have begun working on your acceptance speech.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mrs A. This is a great moment for you; one where you deserve to be recognised for all the work and campaigning you have done over the past year.
I think it's wonderful that you have been nominated and we at zero waste towers wish you the very best of luck!

Have a great time :)

Mrs G xx

Christina S said...

Well done Karen, much deserved recognition for the Rubbish Diet, which has just been FANTASTIC (and still is!). WOOOO! HOORAY!

lunarossa said...

That's fantastic, congratulations!!! You deserve it for all your hard work and all what you thought us. Both thumps up! Ciao. Antonella

esther said...

that's absolutly wonderful and you definatly deserve it! what intelligent people to have had this great idea! congratulations, and good luck!!!

Maisie said...

Well Done You!!!

It just shows that little minnows can be great in the big pond.

Anonymous said...

Well done you, this is fab news fiona

dandaworld said...

What a wonderful news! I will be there with you with my thought! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! IN BOCCA AL LUPO! ;)

Sam said...

Congratulations! It's thoroughly deserved, and I hope you win :-)

And I could tell you were speechless ;-) Lol!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

what great news, when is the winner announced, Margaret

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations!! What fantastic news, good to have recognition for all your hard work. Well done xxx Kate xxx

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the shortlist a couple of nights ago and felt so proud of you!! Just to be shortlisted is SUCH an achievement in itself.......much deserved succses and millions of hugs from us XXX

Anonymous said...

It is ace to see you get recognition for the great work on Zero Waste. Best of luck with the event.

Transition Housewife said...

WHOOOH HOOO!!! Fantastic news. Good luck on the night.

Unknown said...


I'll look out my best suit and bowtie, just in case Mr A is indisposed that evening and can't make use of all that free food and drink...

Karin said...

Well done, and it's well-deserved. Your blog has been a breathe of fresh air and a great inspiration.

Layla said...

WOW!! Congratulations!! Great to see it, and thoroughly deserved!!

Zero Waste needs all the profiling it can get - the more awards you can get, the better!! :)
Make sure to brainwash them properly there too!! :))
/free champagne sounds fun too!!:)/

just Gai said...

Congratulations. We'll be rooting for you!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks everyone - you're great and help keep my feet firmly on the ground with all your support.

Anne - thank you. OMG...I forgot I'd need a speech, just in case. Better be safe than sorry I guess...Do take a look at the shortlist list though. There's a gorgeous foodie one, which hails from Cumbria...has got my mouth watering, let alone my tears. x

Cheers Mrs G - and for all your efforts too in sharing the message. This is a real mark of honour for Zero Waste....may the waste minimisation continue. x

Hey Rubes - my dear friend. Thanks for sticking with me along the way. I never thought we'd have managed to slim your bins when I first took a look at them, but it's amazing where a little hope can get you. x

Thanks so much Antonella - and thanks too for joining in the fun x

Bonjour Esther et Merci - so glad you're doing the same over in France. Did I tell you, it's because of you that I now tear the paper off my tins. x

Hi Maisie - you couldn't have put it better. It's great being average don't you think. Minnows everywhere, it's time to rise up and swim with the shoal. x

Thanks Fiona - I've really appreciated your company. Let's keep up the fun. x

And hello Danda - thank you so much. I'm going to have to translate that lovely bit of Italian. Things sound as though they're going great in Italy too. x

LOL Sam - I know I have a habit of being speechless, hee hee. I think it must be the Welsh in me. x

Thanks Margaret - and it's very exciting. It will be March 24 in the Sketch Restaurant in London. Should be fun. x

Yay Kate - thank you. But as you know this is recognition of all the stuff you good guys do in local authorities. There are some things I can get away with that officers can't LOL. I'm so glad to have been able to spread the message in my little way. I hope there's lots more fun to be had. x

That's right Baba. The shortlist is just amazing. When I looked at last year's entries and this year's it felt such a privilege to be among them, I could have wept. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm along the way. x

Thank you so much John and for your support and ideas. Who would have guessed a year ago that this excitement would be happening now. It's been a real blast! x

Hi TH - thank you too. And for everything that you're trying to do outside blogland. I think 2009 will be a good year for all. x

LOL Despairing - at least I know you can get there by train. Now there's a thought, perhaps you can divulge more about recycling on the railways. I'll keep you posted. x

Thank you Karin, that's great to hear, especially on those days when I get nagged about the washing up. It makes it all worth it. It's great to have you around and thanks so much for your support, especially with your advice ont the garden. Yikes *MUST* do something soon. x

LOL Layla, brainwashing is the way to go. Even the laggards will find zero waste irresistible. x

Thanks so much Just Gai. I am so excited and I can't wait to blog about the event afterwards. It looks so much fun.

By the way folks. I think we need a practice run before hand. I've been collecting a handful of bloggers awards too, which are just wonderful. And I've been so busy that I haven't managed to hand them out. So, keep your eyes peeled and pop by for The Rubbish Diet's award ceremony, which will be happening very soon, before February is out. Thanks again for cheering me on. I promise I won't get all lovey on you but the one thing I have to say is that I love you all to bits...

Mrs A xxx

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