Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So how do you squash yours? Cartons not kids!

It's half-term week here in Suffolk, so what a perfect opportunity to not only indulge in the great outdoors but also to engage the kids in a bit of amateur dramatics for Tetra Pak's How do you squash yours? competition, which is encouraging consumers to flatten cartons before recycling them.

There were a few tantrums and tears, which led to a full-blown rugby tackle after I turned off the camera. My younger boy was calling for a rematch!

Mmmm, perhaps not.

The video is now published but before you check it out below, let me reassure you that no children were harmed during or after the event ... except for my eldest accidentally falling into a blackberry bramble.

Boys will be boys....bless 'em. They were great sports really and told me they actually did have a good time.

More information about Tetra Pak's YouTube competition can be found on the company's website, along with the latest news that the cartons are now also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Don't forget, if you'd like an opportunity to join in the competition, you have until 1st November to enter.



Northern Lass said...

Love the video and your narrative poetry, LOL! And who stomps wins! I am sure stomping is probably the best way to squash a tetra pack, all things considered.

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL - oh yes, I can assure you that stomping on the cartons is most definitely the way to go. Maybe I should simply use them for therapy, or as an alternative treat for the kids...:-D

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Ooh stomping cartons is a perfect way to get all of your frustrations out in a positive manner. You could also include stomping cartons in your exercise programme!

mrs green said...

Ahahahah! that's brilliant! Well done you and congrats to your boys for doing such a wonderful job on the cartons!

Unknown said...

LOL!!! What a fun!!! Surely your kids enjoyed it very much!
Stomping cartons is the best thing if you're angry! Eh eh... oh, it could be very therapeutic for me too, especially during some days of stress by work, but... I have no cartons to stomp :(
I consume only milk and drinks in glass... :)

P.s.: What a marvellous country you have there in Suffolk! I love it!

Karin said...

Thank you for the much needed light relief after a stressful day. Lovely video.

lunarossa said...

On top of squashing cartons, what helps me to destress (and be recycle-friendly at the same time) is smashing glass bottle/jars into the green/white containers! The smashing noise is so liberating!!! So sorry I missed you and Ruby in York. Unfortinately I came back from Italy only last night. Hope you had a nice time and that there will be a next time! Ciao. A.

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Lisa - I think I might see if I can get a choreographer to come up with a dance routine :-D

Thanks Mrs G - And just to think I'd planned the video to have us all rolling down the hill. Things never work out as you expect do they. Was great fun though :-D

Thank you Danda - we are lucky to live in such a beautiful area and you can just make out Bury St Edmunds in the distance on the video. I think we'll avoid rolling around in the mud for a while though :-D

LOL, glad to be of service Karin. :-D Hope you've had more relaxing days since :-)

LOL Lunarossa - I know what you mean...that silence and then the crash of glass. The kids would love that too....when they can reach of course. Sorry I missed you too this weekend. I hope you had a lovely time in Italy...hopefully catch you next time :-D

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