Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pledging to save energy ASAP to help Baglady

Today finally sees the start of the secret launch of Baglady's ASAP Pledge Round 2.  The official launch is 11.01.11, but Baglady being an impatient old gal decided to make the most of the tradition for New Year's Resolutions and the opportunity to get us Internet peeps thinking about sustainability.  You might remember my last blog post about it here.

Now I know that you're used to me thinking big and tackling some huge challenges, such as organising rubbish free tasks or setting up local collection schemes for Recycle Week, but for this year's ASAP (As Sustainable As Possible) pledge, I've decided to tackle something really small but just as important, much closer to home

You see, despite making a big effort to reduce waste, use public transport, buy local and keep the heating off until November, I've still not sorted out the simple fact that I am always forgetful about turning off the light in the downstairs loo.  Asimple thing, but the kids do it much so that my husband is always on our backs about Mr Invisible spending far too much time on the toilet!

So, I've decided that my pledge this year (with the help of the children) will be to give up leaving the light on in the loo AND elsewhere in the house.  And while I'm on the subject I've also decided to take up the idea of turning off my laptop whenever it's not in use...instead of my "leaving it on just in case I need it later" routine.

Other bloggers are also on board with their ASAP pledges and have either already blogged about them or will be doing so very soon, so for inspiration keep your eyes peeled for updates from MyZeroWasteCambridge EcoThrifter, From Rat Race to Positive Parent, Violet Posy, Just Jotting Along, A Modern Mother, Jo Beaufoix and Rosie Scribble.

Pledging is simple.  You just need to pop along to Baglady's website, make your pledge and pass it on via Facebook, Twitter or through your blog, encouragiing your friends to do the same.  All pledges registered on Baglady's site by midnight on 17th June will also be entered into a random draw where one lucky person will win a £100 voucher courtesy of Baglady Productions to spend at sustainable retailer Wiggly Wigglers.

So, go on...please join us in adopting Baglady for 2011 and  if you do I'd love to know if you've made a pledge. In the meantime, I'm off to make mine now....

Useful links:

Adult Pledge:
Kids Pledge:

Facebook Page:!/bagladyproductions

P.S.....if you're spreading news of your pledge on your blog, there's even a blog badge you can use...


Blogger disclaimer:  Karen has been working with Baglady Productions to help launch Pledge ASAP Round 2.  However, this is a personal post as an independent participating blogger.


cartside said...

I've taken the pledge too and blogged about it here:

Can't wait to read what other people pledge!

Karin said...

I'll give some thought to what else I can pledge. I'm trying the No Impact Week at present, which may shine light on an area I need to concentrate on particularly at present.

Good luck with remembering to switch the lights off.

Oh, and happy New Year.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Steffi that's a brilliant thank you. Will be popping over for a nosey. Can't wait to have a look :0)

Karin, what a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what arises. It's going well on the lights so far...I keep thinking of baglady as I close the door lol. Just need to get the children trained ;0)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Karen. I'm writing my post at the moment :)

Skip Hire Birmingham said...

Great stuff I will definatly be checking back to see whats going on.

maria said...

I have taken my pledge and blogged about it here

Almost Mrs Average said...

Rosie, I loved your pledge and thank you so much for doing that and for the ReadyforTen post too. That's brilliant. ;0)

Skip Hire Birmingham - thank you. That's great. ;0)

That's brilliant maria, will be taking a look. Thank you so much for supporting it on your site ;0)

Cozy said...

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Contractor CE said...

Good for you. I always turn off my laptop because it saves electricity and it saves the life of your laptop too.

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