Saturday, 14 June 2008

Rubbish Art?

At risk of my reputation going downhill, both artistically and culturally, I just couldn't resist sharing with you my latest and only contribution to Suffolk "art". Yes I know it looks like the work of a 10 year old but sadly that is where my sketching talents were laid to rest!

Anyway, I've "donated" it to the most wonderful and probably now bemused Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery as part of its "Make your mark" activity, where they encourage members of the public to unleash their artistic spirit in support of their annual Suffolk Showcase exhibition.

This year they are using the mini creations as CD covers for copies of the exhibition's images, which they are selling for just a tenner. I hope it's not a random selection. Otherwise some unfortunate art lover is going to be lumbered with my bin picture, which I've cheekily entitled "Duty of Care".

I think my artistic spirit now needs to be dampened, before I am tempted to submit a bin related "masterpiece" for the main event next year. Hmmm...a wheelie bin installation in the art gallery...I'm warming to that idea.

I'd better stop there, otherwise I'll never be let over the threshold again...and yes...they know who I am because my befuddling reputation precedes me.

Anyway, you will be pleased to know that my "work of art" is definitely not representative of the quality of this year's entries. Suffolk Showcase really does what it says on the tin and showcases the most amazing and talented artists of our region. So if you're near Bury St Edmunds, it really is worth a visit.

To find out more about the exhibition visit



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