Sunday, 15 June 2008

Spot the difference!

Have you noticed anything different?



Go on...Have another peek.

It's pretty subtle, so you might have to look more closely.

Down a bit more...that's it...keep going.

You're nearly there.

Yes nearly!


Hooray! You've found me, hanging about in the sidebar. (If it's after 15th June, you might have to scroll up again...or if you're reading an rss feed, come over and visit).


Or should I say "Hello, hello, hello"?

Perhaps it should be "Hi", "Bonjour, "Hola", Buon giorno", "Guten Tag" or "Hallo".

I hope I didn't scare you and sorry if I did.

As you can see, over the weekend I took the decision. Yes THE decision...not just any old decision!

Yep...THE decision... was to stop hiding behind my bin.

I've been there for months now...since January in fact.

Back then it was hard. The skies were gray, the wind was cold and my toes were freezing. To cap it all I had huge bags of rubbish to lug about.

Then Springtime came, with the twittering of songbirds and the pretty sight of daffodils in full bloom. Along came Zero Waste Week, when all I had to entertain me was just one plaster. But they were brighter days and much lighter on the wheelie bin too!

I emerged from the bin a couple of times for a photo here and a photo there as well as a trip to Radio Suffolk.

Then there was the BBC news on April 1st. But that was okay, because I hid behind my fringe.

I've since travelled to London, mingled with big people, ventured on holiday to Monmouthshire and was even brave enough to knock on Mrs Green's door in the Forest of Dean.

So having had a taste of life on the outside, I've decided to come out for good!

I know...other people come out of the closet, I come out from my bin!

I don't know about you, but I was getting fed up of looking at it anyway. And as it was getting slimmer, there was hardly anything to hide behind.

It's now tucked away in the garage because we only need to use it on special occasions.

It's much nicer being out in the open and I can see you properly now.

Thank you so much for keeping me company and for allowing me to witter on.

Don't worry normal service will resume soon.

What do you mean that my wittering is "normal service".


Anyway I'm off to have fun and explore the world beyond my bin. It's a big world out there, so I hope I won't get lost.

But don't the words of Arnie..."I'll be back".

See you in a few days.

Lots of love...Almost Mrs Average! xxx



Anonymous said...

:D beautiful and radiant Mrs A. Love the pic of you; so much more enticing than Dave.......

mrs g x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Mrs G x
However, I don't think Dave was much competition. ;-D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Oooh, it's very bizarre seeing my photo pop up there...Yikes, I might just have to go and hide behind that bin again :@)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Your genuine and beautiful smile is the sign of your optimistc way to see the world!
You had a good idea! Perhaps I'll do the same thing... I need a bit of courage more!
See you! ;-D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for passing by.


Hi Danda - thank you, you are very kind. Hope all is well in Italy. Speak soon x

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay, much prettier and smilier than Dave. :D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Jo - LOL, thanks for that...but really, I don't think anyone can be more beautiful than the lovely ostrich Babs. I was hoping to see her donning her feathers on the TV coverage of Royal Ascot. ;-D

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