Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Don't wear a wheelie bin on your first date!

That's right!

Just in case you're tempted by the idea, today's advice is that you should never wear a wheelie bin on your first date!

You will look silly and the residual stench could make your date run to the hills. And what a shame it would be if you missed the chance to impress them with your personality.

Before you think I've gone completely off my shopping trolley, last night I noticed a very unusual Google search that brought someone to the blog...all the way from Australia.

And yes the search was "Don't wear a wheelie bin on your first date!"

I'd love to know what the Googler was looking for and whether they found it. I know Zero Waste is big down under so maybe there are a whole range of uses for the ubiquitous wheelie bin, including applications of the sartorial kind.

But then I thought... wouldn't it make a great movie title for a romantic comedy! I can see it now, our very own Simon Pegg, starring alongside someone like Kirsten Dunst...

...Waste officer meets sassy PR city girl. Late on his first date, he heads straight from a recycling campaign, unable to extract himself from his promotional wheelie bin and there unfolds the battle of his love of zero waste against her fully formed wasteful lifestyle. In the face of adversity, they finally get it together. But who reforms who? Does he end up throwing it all in in the name of love, or does she become an anti-landfill luvvie?

So who was the Googler from down under? Did they end up wearing a wheelie bin on their date? Is Simon Pegg interested? Have I gone completely mad?

Time will tell, so stay tuned for the next installment....

"Don't wear a wheelie bin to your wedding"

I'm such an old romantic, but I think it's now time for a coffee.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

There are a lot of movies associated with Zero Waste. My favourite is "Gone With The wind", the smell that is.

A bin not used for 5 years has lost its purpose.

"Mammy, My life is over",
"Sugar, One day a beau will come"
"Mammy, What will he look like?"
"Sugar, Wrapped in black from head to toe"
"Mammy, What else?"
"Sugar, Smelling of plastic packaging waste"
"Mammy, I cant wait 5 years"
"Sugar, Enjoy you freedom while you can"

The End.

Anonymous said...

:D there is many a merry moment to be had from reading visitors search strings.

One we had was "what food do i put in my cupboards?"
I mean, geesh, don't you know? Why not turn off the computer, open the cupboard door and have a look for yourself? Don't ask me, I don't even know who you are!!

I've been invited to a wedding on Friday, and thanks to your post I will now no longer run the risk of shame by wearing a wheelie bin. Phew - you saved me from humiliation; see - it was meant to be. I was looking for a zero waste outfit, and of course a wheelie bin is perfect - I wonder if I could squeeze into a size zero?

Thank goodness for our friend Down Under who posed the cryptic message in the first place :D

John, you are clearly wasted talent (or have too much time on your hands).
But as for my wedding outfit; where shall I go, what will I do?

Mrs G x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi John - LOL - I think you could start a trend there. With some more classic scenes. I'm sure Hitchcock's Rear Window would provide evidence of bin police at work too. Lots of scope to keep us busy ;-D

Hi Mrs G - LOL - I wonder if the searcher ever did find what food to put in their cupboards. I'm writing up a basic larder cupboard list for the book, so perhaps that would have given them the answer:-D

I'm so glad you've decided against wearing the wheelie bin the wedding and am pleased the advice came just in time. It's especially hard to get a matching hat these days too. Although you could detach the bin lid for such an occasion.

Instead I recommend a good rummage through your drawers and if you can't find anything, check with a friend or indeed a charity shop. I never thought I'd say this but a wedding that I'm going to in November will see the return of a 5.99 British Heart Foundation purchase that I discovered last year, just in time for my niece's Christening. A beautiful wrapover dress with tiny blue hearts, often seen when I'm out on important meetings too.

I do hope the searcher returns and says hello. It would be fantastic to discover the real story behind the search, rather than rely on my own madness that's prevailed.

Anyway, stranger things have happened, including young Ruby discovering she knew one of my blog commenters from 12 years ago.

I only met Ruby a couple of years ago and have only got to know the other lady through the comments on this blog.

Perhaps there's another tale to tell there and another opportunity for a plot line from John ;-D xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

I will look out for other movies, plays, scenes etc.

You need a story to fit the film, a well-known scene, and characters to be replaced to provide the Zero Waste angle.

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