Monday, 8 September 2008

It's time to celebrate

Guess what! There's one hell of a party going down today. And it's happening right here, right now! And the mood is one of huge celebration. So get your party shoes on and please join in.

Yes folks, today we are celebrating the end of Mr & Mrs Green's Zero Waste Week over at They were a little shy back in May when I challenged them to slim their bin, but no sooner had I booted up the laptop the next day, they confirmed they were committed and ready to give it a go.

And wow, what a success story it's been and after three months of preparation they've finally completed a Zero Waste Week challenge. The latest news is, they've succeeded and word has it their bin is the slimmest it's ever been, but you'll have to pop over to see her to discover how little they've thrown away. It should be announced on their site some time this evening.

So after a whirl of a week, I caught up with the lovely Mrs Green this morning to find out how she feels after the family's ultimate rubbish challenge, and this is what she had to say.

"Despite three months of preparation, this week bought with it new learnings and new issues to face. People are asking us 'what next?' believing we have reached the ultimate place, but there will be so much more, because this week has shown us that there are ever increasing levels of awareness."

"I almost feel now that the zero waste week challenge was the first step, not the last step. The next steps are speaking to manufacturers and spreading the word as much as we can so that the ripple effect can take place even more and bigger changes can occur."

"We would advise anyone to have a go at this. We have learned so much, and, if you take it at your own pace, and make targets that are within your comfort zone, you can make lasting change. That is what this week has been about for us - creating lasting change."

I can vouch for that Mrs Green, because this week marks the 6th month anniversary of my very own Zero Waste Week, which took place in March. It was the beginning of a major change in my life too, but more on that later...

Because, it's time to get on with the party.

It's time to celebrate the efforts of the Green family and everyone who has made pledges on their site.

And I've found the perfect video that I would like to dedicate to everyone out there who is committed to making an effort to reduce their rubbish and a take a break from creating unnecessary waste.

You could even call it a holiday from being held ransom to your bin! Eh, that's it. That's just what a Zero Waste Week really is. It's a rubbish holiday, where you simply pack up your bin bags and enjoy one less hassle in life.

So what are we waiting for?

Get up off your chair, turn up the volume and get copying these classic moves and grooves! If you're over forty, it'll get your circulation going if nothing else!


Anonymous said...

Why thank you for throwing such an excellent party. Despite being up late celebrating zero waste fashion, I was still up early this morning!

See what an inspiration you are? From 100 litres to zero in three months. Amazing huhn? Give yourself a hug pat on the back from us and although I crapped myself when you suggested a zero waste week it spurred us on whereas we might have procrastinated around a bit with ideas of 'next week' ;)

Still need to get the video up about the final result........won't be long now.

Much love,
Mrs G x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Oh Mrs G - you are up early. What is it about late nights eh? I can go to bed after midnight and still be wide awake by 6am...methinks it's got something to do with deadlines :-D

Enjoy the celebrations because you have done some amazing stuff. I know last night's news about India will have hit hard, but it should put more fire in your belly to keep raising awareness.

Can't wait to see the for me...I've got to get on with writing more words :-D x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

Mrs G has done amazingly, and a youtube star as well! I look forward to further family Zero Waste Weeks.

I got an email for Tracey's book today and will sign up soon.

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