Monday, 22 September 2008

Sorting out the Home Front

If there are any psychotherapists out there, I wonder what they'd read into this picture of my little house portrayed in its very idyllic setting.

Yet behind closed doors, all hell's let loose with a little one who's struggling with his new routine, a mother who's struggling with settling him into his routine and a backlog of stuff that's struggling to be fitted around all the struggles with all the routines there could ever be.

As well as everything else I have a fridge whose resources have been used up to the point that every time I open the door there is now a silent scream of "feed me". And I know that if I don't go shopping very soon, it'll grab my trolley and set off to the shops itself.

So I'm going to hit the shops today big style. As I can't physically wait until Market Day, I'm about to visit the HUGE supermarket down the road. It's the one that I normally avoid because it's too big, too busy and has so many tempting distractions I always have to struggle to keep my willpower under control. I suppose at least I can also put this visit down as research for a forthcoming chapter in the book.

So as I venture off to the supermarket please excuse me while I blog off for a while longer. I need to juggle a few more things on the home front to help Little T feel more settled. So, I'll be offline for about a week.

In the meantime, If you want to keep yourself entertained, you can catch me looking very serious over at Baglady's place, and sounding very serious on last Thursday's JVS show at BBC Three Counties Radio (fast forward to 2hrs, 15minutes).

See you soon xxx



Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

Supermarkets are wonderful places with loads of stuff in stuff to buy. Take plenty of containers, for packet-to-container transfer, and you will enjoy a dream excursion.

Anonymous said...

Missing you already, but you have so much on at the moment, that something has to give.

Enjoy your blogging rest and we'll be here waiting for your return.

Hope all went well in the supermarket......

Mrs G cx

Christina S said...

Love the clip on Baglady's site! Did Little T finish his apple or did it end up in the compost bin? ;-)

just Gai said...

We'll miss you but family should always come first.

Welsh Girl said...

Dear Mrs A, hope that the willpower held out against the lure of the supermarkets delights! Come back soon....

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I have to say that I'm inspired. I've never thought of the idea of shopping with reduced consumption in mind. It always seems odd to me that products have so much extra packaging on them. In most cases, the packaging costs more than the actual product inside! I'll look forward to reading your future posts to see how you deal with this issue.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Take care sweetie, hope the little one settles soon. And be strong, don't be tempted by all the yummy stuff. Think of your bin. :D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi John - oh, yes I bought loads...lots of tempting things. I checked out the deli counter, which is great because it offers packaging choices of either paper or foil so you don't have to be reliant on plastic bags. They seemed happy about using containers too. :-D

Hi Mrs G - Thank you. It's been a much needed week of rest. Everyone seems so much happier and relaxed and routines are beginning to settle. Am looking forward to catching up soon ;-D x

Hi Rubes - why thank you. I did enjoy meeting BL. It was just a shame we couldn't spend longer together. As you could tell, she was very busy that day in London. As for the apple, you can guess who had to finish it can't you! Hmm me! Must confess, it did end up in the Trafalgar Square bins, but I promise m'lud I had eaten it right to the core, and cos I had no plastic bags I had nothing to put it in to bring home. Little T didn't fancy me putting in with his half-eaten sandwiches ;-D x

Hi Just Gai - thanks for the kind thoughts. I'll be popping over to see you soon in time for your BIG Zero Waste Week. Good luck ;-D

Hi Welsh Girl - I'm afraid my willpower fell apart leaving me with no will nor power to defend myself from the forces of the see it want it buy it routine. However all the extras could be recycled...hee hee. By the way, bumped into another Welshie today. We get everywhere you know ;-D

Hi GreenOfficeBlog - Thanks for visiting and for having time to comment. Having waste at the forefront of you mind when buying products is the most amazing concept that once discovered doesn't go away. You're right about packaging often being more expensive that the product itself. A friend recently showed me some chocolates where the packaging looked more like a trinket box than a chocolate box. I suppose at least it can be reused. It'll be great to have you popping by. I look forward to coming to have a peek at your blog soon. ;-D

Hi Jo - I'm afraid the darkside got me. Now you know why I shop on the market. However I did buy tomatoes today that were more expensive on the market than at Sainsbury's - shock horror, what a turn up for the books eh! ;-D

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