Monday, 15 September 2008

A little MORE conversation and a little more action

It's not that I'm get bored with rubbish. I'm having more fun partying in my bin than ever before, especially with trying to shrink our Christmas plans to match our new lifestyle. However, every now and again a girl has to take a break, hang up the party dress and think about other serious matters. So on 15th October, in exactly one month's time, I'm going to be talking about something different, poverty.

You might think it's an odd topic to be discussed on The Rubbish Diet, but there is a strong connection because all over the world, the need to tackle poverty can also be a key driving force in keeping items out of landfill. As well as charity shops sales, fundraisers use recycling campaigns to turn everyday items, such as mobile phones and ink-cartridges, into much needed cash.

On 15th October, The Rubbish Diet will be participating in Blog Action Day, a world event where bloggers get a chance to discuss a shared global issue. Last year it was the Environment and this year it's poverty. So I am delighted to have an opportunity to raise awareness of a very special organisation that is playing a big part in helping to overcome poverty in the UK and it's a charity that has really captured my imagination.

To find out more, make sure you make a date to visit that day. In the meantime, if you are a blogger and would also like to play your part in raising awareness of poverty, play the video below to see how you can join in.

P.S. Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish is one of the many thousands of bloggers participating. She's a very busy lady and is also hosting this month's Carnival of Trash, which is being published on her blog today. So please pop over to visit: and explore the thought-provoking blogposts that have been submitted this month.


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