Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Do you ever stare at the broccoli?

Do you ever catch yourself staring at the broccoli, the avocado or even the melon?

You know the kind of thing... by the time you've bunged it in your trolley, carted it home and put it in the fridge you've gone off the idea altogether. If your taste buds don't play tricks on you, the social gremlins soon will, tempting you to change your plans at a drop of a hat.

And you end up staring at what was once your object of culinary desire and watch it slowly wilt and wither. You know you should eat it, but somehow you lose your appetite for something so limp and off-colour.

Well...if you live in a disorganised house like mine, with a bunch of faddy eaters, and where there are more comings and goings than the local hostelry, help is on hand...

....in the form of a little gadget called the Fresh Pod. Here it is...all lovely and green....as is the broccoli!

I bought that Broccoli (or Calabrese as it's known on the market - we're posh here you know) well over a week ago, hoping to have it for a Sunday lunch...but yes but no but didn't!

Now I don't normally go for gadgets, but as the Fresh Pod is sold by a local company based in Thetford and I'd heard such good things about them I thought I'd give it a try. After all, in the current economy and wanting to make every effort to reduce food waste in what is my haphazard life, who could blame me. When I rang up to find out about it it, Colin, one of the co-directors kindly offered to drop one off for me to try out. And I am so glad he did.

The pod sits in a refrigerator salad draw or in a fruit bowl and works by removing the ethylene gas given off fruit and vegetables as they ripen. By removing this gas from the environment the ageing and ripening process is slowed, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 4 times longer than normal. The Fresh Pod sachets also have the added benefit in that as well as controlling ethylene gas, research has proven it also kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds found in fridges.

The sachets last six months after which time they need to be replaced. However, the contents of the sachets are recyclable and make a great fertilizer sprinkled on pot plants or in the garden when no longer of use in the fridge.

So for a gal who's not really into gadgets, that's me very much convinced. Okay, there is a small amount of packaging that can't be recycled, but I'm told they're working on that and it's neither here nor there when it comes to my veggies.

So thanks to Colin and Fresh Pod, the future looks firmly green instead of floppy yellow.

And yes, I still stare at the broccoli, but only in amazement.

And I promise I'll get round to eating it before the month is out! In fact, I'll have it for lunch THIS Sunday.

For more info about the Fresh Pod, visit www.freshpod.co.uk.



Anonymous said...

Oh good post! I've been looking at one of these beauties for some time and wondering if they could possibly be as good as they claim. I have to admit, the videos are pretty impressive, but there is nothing like a personal recommendation to convince me.

Your broccoli looks lovely btw!

Mrs Gx

Anonymous said...

It's C_a_labrese. And some googling has found this excellent explanation

"The words 'broccoli' and 'calabrese' are different varieties of the same vegetable. In general terms, Calabrese produces green heads whereas broccoli produces purple or white heads. The most common in the UK is 'calabrese' which annoyingly, is sold in the super markets as 'broccoli' "

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

What a good idea - I'll have to get one of those. Thanks for the
recommendation Mrs A.

A x

Anonymous said...

I was just about to chastise you for spending money but I'll let you off since the nice man gave you a green box to try for free!!! XX

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mrs G - As you can tell, I had my doubts too, but my doubts have been overturned. :-D x

Hello Anon - well spotted and thank you. I missed that and will change it now. In a rush this morning I managed to catch "at a drip of a hit" and quickly changed it before rushing out. Before I did that it was reading like a line from 'Allo 'Allo.

I read that bit about the broccoli and calabrese too and I find it very bizarre that it's taken this long for the different varieties to be distinguished. After all, I am sure that I was taught about broccoli at school. I wonder what school's teach these days? I must ask....

By the way, with your great attention to detail, I have to ask are you my husband? :-D LOL

Hi Anne - that's great and thank you for supporting our local economy too :-D x

LOL Baba - you are a good girl...it's funny, I've got our LETS (exchange group) meeting on Thursday and Mr A has already told me I can't buy anything, even if it's not using money. He has got a point! :-D x

esther said...

I have never ever heard of this....and it seems such a great thing! do you know if they export it to france, if I can get it here?

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Esther - I guess they would be happy to post them butI'll check and let you know. :-D

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