Saturday, 22 November 2008

Elf Needed!

What's a mother to do? I've advertised on Freecycle, I've trawled the charity shops AND phoned a friend...well quite a few friends actually...and I am now running out of ideas.

The problem? I need an elf costume...well not for me but for my 7 year old defender of the bins, for his school play.

Yes, I know I can get one at Sainsbury's for just £8....yes just £8...but of course my Buy Nothing New month has put the spanner in the works as far as that's concerned. Besides, it seems that all the elves in Bury St Edmunds have bought out the local stock.

So, if anyone has any other ideas (sorry ain't got time to make one) or indeed has a spare outfit knocking around, I would really appreciate your help...especially as time is quickly running out. And to give you an idea of what I'm after... and I really can't believe I'm showing you this...check out the You Tube thingy I magicked up for my other blog last Christmas.



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Well - you are a multi-talented lady! Loved your Christmas "you tube" thingy!

Sorry can't help with a costume but could check out local charity shops. Hope you find one. When does he need it by.

A x

esther said...

sorry I cannot helmp you with this one; we don't have many elfs in France I guess...good luck anyway!!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Is there someplace where you can rent an elf's costume? Or does that go against the Buy Nothing rules?

Anonymous said...

Does your son have grandparents who could be induced to make a costume?

Sorry, can't think of any other options. Hope you get something suitable soon!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Phew Ladies have sorted it...just in time so thank you. I've managed to get a new pair of stripey pyjamas and a red reindeer top...all things than can be repurposed as their Christmas presents and reused for some time.

But thanks you. There are some great suggestions and Anne, thank you so much for the kind offer of the charity shops, that would have been great but he needed it today.

Esther - I think we need to get more elves in France. I'll talk to those in the know. :-D

Hi Lisa - tried but failed. I could have got one for myself though. Mmmm :-D

Hi Jane - Now there's an idea. She could but I'll give her more notice next time.

And as for next time, I have a cunning plan for next Crimbo. This year, the school sent home a slip stating the costumes needed for my own children. Next year, I'll suggest that they send a letter revealing the role every child is playing. That way, old costumes that are not needed can be swapped without everyone buying new.

It's not over yet youngest son...the bin playing his inaugural role as a comedy camel.

A comedy camel!

At least all I need is a brown top and a brown pair of trousers. Thank goodness, I can at least raid his chest of drawers :-D x

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