Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm obviously a latecomer...

This did make me smile. A beautifully packaged message.

The observant ones amongst you will have noticed that the clip was created for Buy Nothing Day 2006. If you think you've missed out on a fantastic event, then you'll be pleased to hear this is now an annual occurence and you're just in time for Buy Nothing Day 2008, which is taking place around the world on 29th November (or 28th November in the U.S. and Canada).

According to the U.K. based BND website, the rules are simple. "For 24 hours you will detox from consumerism and live without shopping. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!"

What fun! I can't wait. It's a good job I'm getting in a bit of practice over the next few weeks or I might be itching to hit the shops. Synchronicity eh, it's a beautiful thing.

So if you fancy a day off from splashing your hard-earned cash, pop over to www.buynothingday.co.uk to see how you can get involved.



Christina S said...

A buy nothing day is a really good idea. Certainly for me ;-) I'm up for it!

just Gai said...

I shall put 29 November in my diary and spread the word.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Ruby - should be a great challenge. Glad you're joining in. :-D

Hi Just Gai - fantastic. I was thinking about you yesterday while I was down in Bristol. We were driving through Bedminster and I wondered if I would spot you, small world and that. :-D

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