Monday, 3 November 2008

Green cleaning: quite literally!

"Mummy look what Little T has done!" announced my seven year old prefect, rushing up to me with photographic evidence to prove it.

I had suspected the silence was a sign of creative genius, but when I last looked, little T was sitting in a very angelic position,at the dining table ready to turn a toilet roll tube into a green train. I certainly hadn't expected green footprints and handprints to decorate our beige stair carpet.

Mr A was sleeping off a late night at a Halloween party, while I was up early to finish an article. I wasn't feeling particularly well, I had a cold coming on so I was pleased that little T was happy to occupy himself for 10 minutes while I got the job finished.

And occupy himself he did, whilst Little J took photos of him in action. But how could they have been so quiet about it, surely a snigger might have been in order, a chuckle perhaps or even a shout of horror from the prefect himself.

So there was nothing for it but to put the green paint monster in the bath and wake Mr A from his slumber to supervise. Meanwhile I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the bottle of vinegar,the tub of bicarbonate of soda and then got scrubbing.

I wasn't quiet sure if it was manna from heaven, sending me a research opportunity for the next chapter in my book or whether it was punishment for wanting just 10 minutes to myself.

Whatever it was, it was a big job to clean up.

Anyway, the interesting news is, I attempted to clean some of the stains with the product that promises carpet stains to vanish...but even after scrubbing like a madwoman the green prints remained very much in their original form.

For the rest of the handprints, I brushed on the bicarbonate of soda, then poured on white vinegar, watched it fizz and scrubbed at it again like a madwoman. They started to lighten and gradually disappeared. I topped off with a dose of Ecover washing liquid and eh presto, most of the stains were gone.

Admittedly there is still a faint hint of green, but that's only the real hardcore stains. Thankfully, the rest have lifted.

When I'm over my cold and my inner domestic demon returns, I'll tackle it again.

In the meantime, I'll be thankful I don't need a new carpet. After all, with the challenge I've set myself this month, it would be a bit of a blow-out so soon in the first week.



Katy said...

Hm - do small children go in the green bin or the compost? ;) Don't ever give them the inkling of the excuse that they were "just doing it to provide blog/book inspiration"!

Haven't had to use the bicarb solution for much yet, although I can report that it does well on fusty plastic tubs and bottles - I use it for the sports drink bottles on my bike. Good to know its powers extend even further.

Anonymous said...

Oh my WORD missus - that looked like a green abomination!!!!

Well done for getting most of it out. I highly recommend Pierre D'Argent, a clay based, non chemical cleaner that works nothing short of minor miracles...

Good luck!

TS x

PS: Not green with envy today...

Unknown said...

Ooh, gives a whole new meaning to a green household.

If they were my kids, they would have been sold into slavery within the hour. Which is probably why I don't have kids!

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Katy...I think recycling is definitely the key. I've heard they're very good at counting boxes at the supermarket. I might just call Sainsbury's. :-D

Love the top tip about the drinks bottles. They are a tad difficult to clean otherwise I guess. Being a bicarb newcomer I was dead chuffed with the results on the carpet. Could have been a hell of a lot worse ;-D

Hi Trace - LOL you can say that again. And oh yes it looked worse than in the photo. After my cleaning incident it sent me to my bed for the afternoon. I'd forgotten about Pierre D'Argent. I picked it up from Lakeland following your tip. It's been great on other things so I'll try it on the carpet. :-D x

Hi Despairing - LOL, better not send mine to yours then ;-D

Anonymous said...

Hi mate - I'll be very interested to know how you get on with the P'D. I use it on everything and it's amazing, but you've got a smeary thing going on with that want of a better way of putting it...

Bonne chance old bean!


Christina S said...

AAAAAAAAAARGH! I am stressed just looking at that photo. I'm glad you posted the nice clean one too!

Well done for getting out the staines!!

Christina S said...

AAAAAAAAAARGH! I am stressed just looking at that photo. I'm glad you posted the nice clean one too!

Well done for getting out the staines!!

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