Monday, 8 December 2008

The Hen Party

My weekend was so exciting. I went to a neighbour's house to meet up with some special girls. It was a Hen Party run on behalf of Omlet for people interested in keeping chickens. Truth of the matter is I've been feeling broody for years and these ones had me running home clucking with intentions.

So if you fancy the idea of keeping some too and want a sneaky peek at how to handle a chicken, check out the video below. They're gorgeous! (Huge thanks to Graham for agreeing to be uploaded and featured).



Anonymous said...

I love there little house, we use to keep chickens in New Zealand with a big house, but never thought of a small one. We got a massive back garden so it could work.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Thank you so much for this, I have kept chickens in New Zealand but I still learnt something. I am strongly leaning towards offering a home to some rescue chooks in the spring, have to talk to daughter about that though, this is a democratic household.

Eliane said...

Good film. We now have seven chickens. Only started keeping them in September. They're lovely. Only thing I would say about keeping them in a garden is that they will crap anywhere, and will dig anything up. I recently inherited two Marans that were in an eglu in a town garden and it just wasn't big enough. Don't want to put you off, as I think they're great, but they do make a mess.

bin diver kate said...

Did I ever tell you about Brian my traveller chicken? Turned into a Bryony! I also love their little hut, do you know where it came from?

esther said...

that's so cuuuuute! I love chinckens (not on my plate, though, lol) I think they're such funny creatures!!

ecobabe said...

Today in our city of Kamloops BC Canada, a group leading a project called Urban Hens is going to or city council to pass a pilot project to allow 3-6 hens in the backyards of family's all over town!!!! This is very exitiing. It will be wonderful to be able to raise chickens for eggs, to help with the compost and to teach the children a new skill!!!


Hi Pot... - I've been so broody to get some hens for absolutely ages. I grew up with them as a child too and I never knew that you could keep them in smaller garden until I popped around my neighbour's early this year. :-D

Hi Margaret - If you're keen to adopt some ex battery hens get in touch with the Battery Hen Welfare Trust at Good luck both of you. I can't wait to find out how you get on. :-D

Hi Eliane - LOL, thanks for the extra tips. My memories of cleaning out a chicken shed with 12 hens would have been one of the things that would have put me off. I can still smell it now. These guy had Bokashi bran incorporated into their diet as well as their poo tray. It seemed to make a big difference from what I remember. You've got some lovely blogposts about your hens on your site...peeps pop over and have a look :-D

Hi Kate - LOL, I think I need to find out more about Bryony. The Eglu can be bought from are expensive mind and are okay for keeping just a few. There is a bigger product called a cube. :-D

Hi Esther - and that photo of you with a chicken is fabulous :-D

Hi Ecobabe - that is just brilliant news. Thanks for dropping by and letting us know. Please come back and let us know how the project goes, it does sound really exciting....or dare I say it.....

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