Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Today's Twitter with Working with Nature

When I've not been busy on the blog, the book or indeed preparing for Christmas, I've been having a really good Twitter. Not just twittering to myself, but twittering to others over at, where everyone else is having their fair share of tweets too. And it's fab, you get to meet all sorts of new peeps or tweeps as twittering people are called.

And one of those gorgeous tweeps is the lovely Allyson Proudfoot, who runs the Bellingham Soap Company, making luxury soap and skincare products under the brand Working with Nature. If the name sounds familiar, it's because as well as having an online shop, Allyson distributes to a whole range of stockists across the UK, including National Trust gift shops.

Well I couldn't resist ordering myself a treat (or indeed a tweet) for Christmas and it arrived today. So while I'm off to indulge in a Fabulous Frankincense Fizz Bath, I have the pleasure in handing you over to Allyson for her to tell you more about her work.

How long have you been making soap and what inspired you in the first place?

"I've been making soap for 11 years, started selling at my local farmers market in 1999. I started because I needed something to do with my surplus goats milk and then began making creams and balms about 4 years ago, as a natural progression!"

What's your favourite product?

"I don't really have a fave product, I like them all. If I don't like something I don't make it again even if it is glycerin soap, I could sell cart loads but it is just melted down factory base and even the so called organic stuff doesn't fit in with what I believe in. If I was pushed I would have to say that I love my Patchouli soap."

What kind of packaging do you use?

"I only use biodegradable packaging, natural cellophane, jute bags and fairly traded saa paper. I band my soaps with Ellie Poo paper as it helps to conserve the habitat of elephants in Sri Lanka.

I use recycled packaging to send out my orders, I usually use recycled brown paper and corrugated cardboard but I also re-use what is sent to me, if it is a plastic sack or bubble wrap then I got it from someone else! I use cellulose sticky tape too!"

What would be your top tip for any other small business wishing to reduce its waste?

"My top tip would be think about waste in the first stages of designing a product, and save every thing you can in case you can re-use it later, shred your waste paper and use it as packing."

Huge thanks to Allyson for joining in with The Rubbish Diet. I can truly vouch that the packaging is just what she promotes through her work. It arrived this morning, all gorgeous and eco-friendly, with a few reused bits too. To find out more about her wonderful products, pop over to

If you want to follow our tweets, log onto
and, where you'll find a whole load of tweeters at it too, with many friends you'll recognise and a whole load of new ones to connect with.



mrs green said...

So fab to see lots of companies really taking on board the waste and packaging issue. What's lovely is that they make it sound so easy, so much so that I hope lots more companies follow suit.

I hope you're enjoying your products Mrs A - you deserve a treat; you've worked so hard this year to promote your message :)

Mrs G x

Tracey Smith said...

Hi - I've been over to her site for a good gander tonight too, gorgeous stuff!

If you need any last minute prezzies, head over there and do the recipient a good turn.


PS: Another great interview missus..

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

I have looked over Twitter and am a bit puzzled as to its value.

Do you see a use for it in spreading the message of Zero Waste?


Hi Mrs G - you've hit the nail on the head there. And it does show that others just need to make some simple changes to make it work.

The bath was much needed - dare I admit I was twittering while I was relaxing :-D x

Well said Trace...and thanks for the thumbs up. I never knew Frankincense smelt so nice :-D x

Hi John - LOL, I see where you're at with Twitter. It's tricky to see the benefits as they're not really obvious.

At it's most basic it's just a simple social networking utility, which is the perfect outlet for people like me who should get out more, but for some reason can't.

As you begin to follow more people, you can enjoy conversations and join in or twitter your own thoughts independently.

I suppose it's the equivalent of entering a room, where you can meet new people who are like-minds and hang out with a friend until you're confident to chat to someone else with whom you have something in common.

I don't always talk about rubbish or zero-waste. Conversation is usually more light-hearted, but I put a plug for the blog where relevant.

But most of all, I am pleased to have found some wonderful contacts - with fantastic products and services - whose work I'm delighted to promote on the blog.

LOL - hope that explains it. Perhaps I should have given a short answer :-D

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