Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Liquid Soap Virgin

Sorry I haven't got time to blog much at the moment, busy writing book and all that. But I did tear myself away to make some new liquid soap for the bathroom.

I've never made it before, so I thought I'd video it so we could all see how easy or indeed difficult it was. What's great about the ingredients is that they're all natural and don't contain any nasty chemicals and they can be used to keep refilling any old bottle you've got hanging around. And of course it's one less thing to pick up at the supermarket.

So how easy is it? Well here's the video

All ingredients can be purchased from Summer Naturals. And if you want to see what else you can make, check out some recipes here. If anyone else knows of other things that are just as simple for a novice to make, please share, who knows what I'll get up to when in the mood.



Tracey Smith said...

Oh missus - absolutely WONDERFULLY well done old bean!!

So pleased to see you in your white coat doing the natural bunsen burners required!

I hope this marks a new point for you...what's coming next I wonder...?

Top marks eco-bird,

Mrs Green said...

:D well done Mrs A - nice to see your camera work. I bet the soap smells lovely; grapefruit is one of my faves.

Thanks for the inspiration; I must admit I cheat with a liquid soap base bought from Neals Yard ;)


Hi Tracey - LOL. What I can't believe is that when you see this stuff in the shops you'd never even think they're things that you can blend them yourself. And it's so easy! You know I'm so easily pleased...LOL....hmm, what's next. Who knows what's around the corner...a course on plumbing perhaps :-D x

Hi Mrs G - Cheat LOL...even a liquid soap base from Neals Yard isn't cheating. Grapefruit is fab isn't - all gorgeous and zingy. What I want to know is how the heck did I get into making this girls are definitely having an influence. Hee hee :-D x

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

I enjoyed the youtube effort and link, with a particular interest in bath salts, to replace a plastic bottle.

There was an ancient glycerine bottle among the grandparents stuff. Now I know its purpose.

Anonymous said...


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Hi John - LOL glad you liked it. It really is that easy and now you know what to do with the glycerine :-D

Hi Lara - thanks for the note. A link would be lovely and I'll drop you a line. I'm chuffed to say that Snaffle Up has been in my link list for a wee while...Love your site :-D

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

That looks so easy Mrs A - I'll definitely be having a go at that. Well done you for introducing us to it.

A x

Condo Blues said...

I thought about making my own liquid soap but after reading a library book on liquid soap making decided against it because it was so time, labor, and equipment intensive. I didn't want to make the investment in all the equipment, try it once and find it wasn't for me.

Your method is so much easier - I'd try that in a heart beat.


Hi Anne - glad to have shared the technique. The grapefruit is a great oil to smells so refreshing. You'll find the mixture is less gloopy than the stuff you buy in the shops, but ut's certainly not a problem. :-D

Hi Lisa - the other sounds off-putting to me. I don't blame you for staying clear. Using these products is as easy as sneezing :-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay, you could so be on Blue Peter Karen. That was done like a pro. And I bet it's gorgeous too. I've been catching up and you have done some brilliant things recently. Well done. :D


Cheers Jo - I love you :-D x
We *have* to catch up soon. I miss you, all my own fault. Too busy making soap :-D x

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