Monday, 19 January 2009

Coming of Age!

Hi everyone. Don't have much time to hang around at the moment, because I am expecting a very special guest this morning and I've got so much to do...clean the floors, get things ready, make some bread etc. You know how it is when you've only got an hour or so...blah,blah blah.

But I just wanted to pop in to say that this week is a real special week, which is why I am so glad my guest can make it today...

...because, later this week I will be celebrating the first anniversary of my Zero Waste challenge and indeed the first anniversary of this blog...a blogaversary as they say in the business.

But I just wanted to quickly thank you so much for all your comments and the most special awards that you left over the weekend. After I've hurried and scurried, chatted and cheered then wined and dined, I'll be back on the scene to reply to you all and reveal what's coming up this week and tell you more about my guest....

But there's so much to do first.

Now where's that mop? Oooo, now I am feeling like Cinderella before she heads to the ball!

Fairy Godmother, Fairy Godmother, where are you?



Tracey Smith said...

Yes, and when you DO find her, can you send her my way - I could do with a scrub down missus!

I'm delighted to share in the glory of your blogaversary my friend.

Your upbeat and encouraging words have been a joy to read and interact with and I know you have much in the pipeline for the coming year.

Know always that you have my support for what life chucks at you (the crud and the glory - there's always plenty of both it seems!)...

Love, respect and much anticipation for what's going to fall out of your fingers next.

Trace x x x x

mrs green said...

Ooo, now cleaning floors; that must be a VERY important guest!

Can't wait for the celebrations to begin Mrs A and I love how it ties in with the week before the Glos zero waste week - perfect timing.

Like Tracey; I'm looking to another year of the Rubbish Diet and to hear all about your adventures.

Mrs g x


Oooh Tracey - Thank you me gorgeous trashy mate...I just love your words there and what a great way of describing writing..."fall out of your fingers". It's so true, but who knows what will tumble out of mine in the next few weeks, months or year. Of course, the guessing and the unknown are half the fun of it. :-D xx

Hi Mrs G - oh you know me well. Even the TV got a wipe-down. Well as is already revealed, it was a special lady for whom you have already provided a small contribution. At last it will be wonderful to see the fruits of our special rubbish collection. :-D xx

So sorry ladies to have left you dangling all day, but as you could see I got all caught up.

But I'm back now, in time to thank you both for your support. It's been wonderful. Do drop by for more postings as the week goes by because this week will be a mega download of my mad thoughts and ramblings. :-D xxx

Anonymous said...

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