Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's Party Time: One year old today!

Blimmin' 'eck. I've got here. One year old today.


I never thought that would happen you know. The blog was only meant to last for eight weeks, as a simple diary for my bizarre Zero Waste challenge. After that I was expecting to take a bow and booger off gracefully, back to what I do best...minding my own business and avoiding the housework.

But there was something about rubbish that got me hooked, and after eight weeks I realised that actually I was only halfway up the rubbish heap and there was so much more to experience. So being keen to see what life was like on the other side, I thought I'd blog on.

And as I carried on talking rubbish, I got even more inspired as I kept bumping into some real inspirational folk on the way. It seemed that we were all after the same thing, to see a world with less waste and one where people can enjoy more sustainable livelihoods.

So, I'm glad I did carry on...because I wouldn't have missed this for the world. You see, I might be celebrating a one year old blog - or indeed the blogaversary of my rubbish challenge - but in truth, I am celebrating the diversity and the wisdom of the folk who have inspired me, mentored me and put up with me along the way.

So many people talking rubbish, from all over the world.

So without further ado, I have the pleasure in giving up the floor to some amazing people who have taken the time to put together some inspirational messages to encourage all those who wonder whether it's worth the effort.

It's a long post and the messages are in no particular order. But please do take the time to read each and every one,....starting with my wonderful friend Ruby, who I must thank for inspiring me to blog in the first place!


"One year of The Rubbish Diet! Congratulations Almost Mrs Average! It seems a long time since I was trying to foil your attempt at zero waste by secretly stashing plastic coke bottles in your handbag. Not only did my attempt fail, but soon afterwards you were looking through my bins too and had me joining in!

For me the penny really dropped when you visited the landfill site last summer, and the sheer horror of the impact waste is having on our environment hit home. You said that adding your own one bag of waste to the site felt like littering, and you're right - that's what landfill is! I was honoured to be the first to take up the Rubbish Diet Challenge, and the progress I made has been a lasting change. There are things I'll never feel the same about again. Plastic bags, for example - I never use them now in the supermarket, and shop locally as much as I can. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and sooo many others.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that some time sooner rather than later during 2009 there will be a copy of the book, The Rubbish Diet sitting on my bookshelf - it will be an invaluable guide to have for both reference and motivation. Keep up the good work Almost Mrs A, and well done on having such a fantastic blog too :-)"



"The fine words that have fallen out of the fingers of Karen Cannard and flowed from her Rubbish Diet website have lifted many a dark day. She says it 'like it is' and puts her non-purist perspective from a regular everyday gal, into many eloquent words, never overspent. I believe that's the most effective approach to take when encouraging others to live with more thought for the planet and the imprint we all leave and I look forward to what her pen will give up in the year ahead."

Tracey Smith, Author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and Founder of InterNational Downshifting Week, UK.


"We are what we waste - and the megatons of trash that our careless world leaves in its wake are a stark indictment on our whole society. If we don't change, future generations will curse us for our selfish habits - so thanks very much, Karen, for helping to pioneer a better way. Happy Year One."

John Naish, Author, Enough: breaking free from the world of excess. UK


"First, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs A on her one year blogaversary. It was this blog, alongside a couple of other things in our life that gave us the kick up the derrière we needed to begin our own zero waste journey.

Throughout our six months of zero wasting we have learned two important things. The first is that we can all do something. We like to get across a message of hope and positivity and share our belief that every one of us who does 'our little bit' has a great collective impact. Let's not focus on the things we can't do, or the things that are beyond our control; let's work together to do what we CAN do and celebrate our diversity. In this way we can take responsibilty for our own impact on the environment.

Secondly, the mantra that keeps us going through all of this is 'There is no such place as away'. When you throw something away; where does it go? It doesn't magically disappear; it goes into a hole in the ground, a ship to China, an incinerator or onto the ocean floor. When you keep that image in your mind, it helps you to make better choices at the supermarket!"

Mr & Mrs Green and Little Miss Green at, UK


"Not everyone can reach zero waste as Karen has or give up plastic as I have, but we don't expect you to! Start where you are. Take the small steps first and see where they lead. Keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities for change that exist around us every day. And let yourself be an example to others. All of our changes together can make a huge difference!"

Beth Terry, U.S.A


"Years ago, I hadn't imagined to know, although virtually, a person like you, far from my country, and I never imagined that you would have inspired me, in the small daily gestures. Suddenly I felt the world close to me with the same problems, same ideas, the same desire to do even better, the same love for people and environment around. I learned a lot from you and all those who comment on your posts every day. A blog is much more powerful than a book, a story that goes through the TV because it isn't filtered and is written from the heart. Blogpost is a more human and immediate writing, not passing through other people and undergoing revisions. But your blog is also fun and it communicates a way of feeling very positive, what we all need on a time when we are realizing the extreme superficiality that characterized our lives up now.

Thanks so much to you and all the bloggers who have made the world better until now. I hope to continue reading these wonderful stories changing my life day by day!"

Danda,, Italy


I used to be that person you'd see throwing the can of diet coke out of the car window....Yes! People can change, I'm the living proof! One step at the time, until the thing you changed becomes a habit, and then take on a new challenge...and it does become in some way, a hobby, to find new ways to not make waste or to save energy. I hope you'll get as much pleasure out of it as I did, and still do!"

Esther, Je Me Recycle, France


"The old expression goes "where there's muck there's brass" but where there's waste minimisation there's gold! I met Karen a year ago now, preparing for St Edmundsbury's first Zero Waste Week and gold is what I found! When I was interviewed for my job I talked about how waste minimisation was my favourite aspect of waste management, so when my manager suggested we run a zero waste week I jumped at the chance.

It was my first project and I attacked it with gusto, organising waste free lunches at schools, signing up businesses to reduce packaging and plastic bag use and recruiting nearly 200 residents to commit to reducing their waste. The cherry on top was something I couldn't have done personally and that has far outlived the original promotion: The Rubbish Diet.

It has served as a source of inspiration for so many people (including me) , I feel proud to have been there from the start. Mrs Average's quirky stories and great advice have continued to keep people enthralled, while my newspaper cuttings are starting to yellow. Whilst the recycling markets tumble and everyone flounders in an uncertain economy, it's more important than ever to reduce waste right at the beginning and not spend our precious pennies on unnecessary packaging and landfilling.

So here's to The Rubbish Diet, still relevant, still interesting, still warm and funny- long may it continue!

I like to talk 'bout recyclin'
It's a subject I find so excitin'
No matter what company I'm in;
I'll rifle in their bin
And always find something worth havin'!"

Kate McFarland, Norfolk County Council, UK


"Hullo dears. This is Baglady speaking from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, which once famous for sectarian rage, now leads the charge to the sustainable age. Here's here's a corny wee little poem on the occasion of the first anniversary of rubbish dieting.

what good luck to celebrate your big day
with President Obama now leading the USA
the world is now in an awful mess
how long it'll last is anyone's guess

so everybody don't be dim
let's not leave it all to him
rubbish diets, Bagladies, Mrs As and Mrs Gs
everyone is needed now
let's save the planet - we know how

it may seem hard to give up cars ,
planes, or fashions, hours in bars
but for our kids, it must be done
so let's get going - and make it FUN!"

Shirley Lewis,, Nothern Ireland, UK


"My grandchildren are sitting looking at me as I type this... but only in my mind because they have yet to be conceived, yet alone born. Cutting down and recycling my 'waste' will ensure that the earth will not be full of toxic waste mountains and that the groundwater will stay clean for them. Those CFL's I have fitted will keep the air clean for them. The local produce I purchase will ensure that our nearby farms will stay viable so they can enjoy fresh food and the scenery that I do. Care in what I buy, Fairtrade, organic and free range will work towards a future free of harmful chemicals for them. Using a renewable energy supplier will ensure that Nuclear Waste does not pollute their world. These actions and many, many more will work towards a future that for them, and for many others around the world, will be one of hope. "

Peter Doodes, Fr Peter's Environmental Notes, UK


"Tips: - Keep checking with your local council as to what type of plastics etc they will recycle not only in the doorstep collection but also at the Household Recycling Facility. Mine collects all types 1 & 2. But at the HRF I can take types 4, 5, and 6. As well as tetrapaks, batteries."

Maisie,, UK


"In order to make things change, it’s really vital that everyone feels there is something they personally can do to make a difference. Otherwise it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all that needs to happen and by the complexity of some of the issues. This is the real strength - and beauty - of Almost Mrs Average and the Rubbish Diet. It’s full of accessible advice, fun and overflowing with enthusiasm and energy - just like Karen herself, in fact! And it’s not just about rubbish - it’s also to do with thinking about what we consume and how much. Imagine how much less we would spend and have to lug home if only we didn’t have to buy all that packaging and products that have to be replaced every 5 minutes. We all really can make a difference and this is an easy, inspiring and brilliant place to start.

PS. My tip of the week: cut back on all those boring household cleaning products – two or three basic ones is mostly all that’s needed. And always use a lot less than they say on the box – especially with washing powders. It works just as well!"

Fran Crowe, Artist,, UK


"You know, it's barely registered with me that you've only been going for a year with The Rubbish Diet. You sound so settled! Yours was the first zero-waste blog I came across and you're a tough act to follow :) Here's to more years and less waste - cheers! So, what do I want to add to your mass blogaversary post? Can I recycle my thought from a comment a few days ago? (Ha ha...)

One of the most important things you can do as you learn about reducing your waste is spread the word, even if it's only to a few people, or those you think might be receptive. Don't worry about the hardened "bin everything" types (although by all means have a go!), just do what you
can. Not being able to reach everyone is no reason not to try to reach anyone at all."

Katy,, Freecycle Coordinator, Norwich, UK


"I think I can sum Grant’s past up by saying that he was a teenager who regularly threw his McDonalds cup and burger wrapper out the car window. If that isn’t the picture of blatant disregard for the environment, I don’t know what is. Fast forward a decade, and the photo of us holding our respective garbage bins (we’re very competitive that way) illustrates almost 7 months of garbage produced so far in the Clean Bin Project. For us, the thing that helped us truly stop buying “crap” and cut down on our waste was publicly telling people about what we were doing. Don’t be ashamed. Make a pact with a friend that you will do one thing to reduce waste – not using plastic veggie bags for example – then rely on each other to make sure you are staying true to your word. We are all responsible for our own actions, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone."

Jen Rustmeyer, The Clean Bin Project, Our Consumer Free Year, Canada


"Well done for reaching a full year at the Zero Waste Challenge. The agenda has moved on for you with your Zero Waste Gardening trend, including the chickens. It has certainly been a fascinating time with progress in many areas. Who would have believed that we could interact with businesses to good effect; Boots being your latest contact. We have achieved some kind of notoriety by being described as "misguided" by plastic packaging industry websites. Misguided maybe, but the trend just seems to be getting bigger and broader here and worldwide.

The future looks promising with links to other environmentally-conscious trends improving. Zero Waste is the future and everyone who joins in will be part of the change to a better, sustainable, lifestyle. I wish you all the best for the next 12 months and hope we all can combine our efforts to maximum effect."

John Costigane, Home Zero Waste, Scotland, UK


"Inspiration is all it takes – sometimes it comes quickly and sometimes it has to develop. I’ve learnt to be patient, open minded and positive. Ask questions, talk to people and mention the issues carefully – its amazing how many others are interested and will make small changes with hardly any effort. As Karen taught me – you don’t have to be a fanatic but if we all make a little effort, its better than us all making no effort – and trust me, she’s a good teacher! Watch Wall-E if you want to see what the earth will look like if we don’t try……."

Alison Williams aka Baba, The Wirral, UK


The Beaufoix family have not looked back from our bin slimming venture. Miss E (8) and Miss M (3) have taken the whole thing on board and know exactly where to put apple cores, paper etc and if they're unsure they ask. Our compost is coming on nicely and has been a major part of our bin slim, and I am planning on planting some potatoes and onions soon in an attempt to begin supplying our own veg and therefore slimming our bin and our purse even more.

Our bin "Stinky Simon" is not quite Saintly Simon yet but is definitely sweeter and tends to be about half to three quarters full every 2 weeks which is amazing. We never have to make extra trips to the tip now and are much more careful about picking goods with more friendly packaging or none at all.

Another result of our bin slim is that my parents too are much more environmentally aware and have also acquired a compost bin.

Thank you so much Almost Mrs Average, you're an inspiration and a star. Looking forward to the next year of bin slimming and shrinking our carbon footprint.


Recycling behaviour is continuing to evolve across the UK and statistics shows that for the first time the overall amount of waste created is decreasing in many areas. There is no stronger evidence to prove that those little individual decisions to reuse plastic bags, buy loose vegetables and home compost your tea bags really do contribute to significant environmental benefits.

Thanks for all your work over the past year and lets hope that 2009 will take the Rubbish Diet to the next level. Well done Mrs Average.

Daniel Sage, Strategy and Policy Manager for St Edmundsbury Borough Council


And last...but most definitely not least...a message from a 7 year old boy, who I love, adore and cherish and who's got something to tell the whole wide world on behalf of himself and his 4 year old brother.

"Recycle what you can, eat all the food you buy and put more things in your compost bins."

Joseph Cannard, the bin defender, Suffolk, UK

Well, I don't think I can say fairer than that!

The only thing that's left to add, is to thank you all for inspiring me on this journey and playing your own part in what's been a life-changing experience for us all.

Goodness knows what will happen in the next twelve months...but I'm sure it will be exciting.

Here's to a fantastic year in reducing waste, from whatever angle you look at it. And I'm going to leave you with one of my favourite memories of the year, of which Ruby reminded me last night.

She sent me this, a photo of the occasion I refused a carrier bag while shopping in Harrods Food Hall. Instead I pulled out a reusable bag from my handbag. The only thing I can't believe is that I happily paid £8 for four pieces of fruit....just FOUR pieces of fruit. How things have changed!

So while you enjoy the photo, I'm off to celebrate by listening in to Tracey Smith's Internet radio show on Apple AM, Slow Down and Green up (every Wednesday at 10.00am) ...and then I'll head off to the market for some local fruit with some down-to-earth prices!

Thanks so much for joining in and huge thanks too to all you lovely people who follow the blog, whether you lurk silently or dare to leave comments, as well as all those bloggers in my sidebar - I'll be back with some more fun and games tomorrow!

Lots of love

Mrs A xxx

oooohhh......I nearly forgot one of my favourite You Tube videos below:


mrs green said...

Oh that's right; go and make me cry why don't you. :D
That was an utterly amazing post, Mrs A. Some fabulous people sharing fabulous words. You must feel so proud; I've got tears dripping off the end of my chin.......

ho hum,
Mrs G x

Paul @ Green Pepper said...

Congratulations to you on reaching your 'one year' milestone! Fantastic to read all the glowing tributes from your many friends. Will drop by more often to be inspired to slim my bin (it's way too overweight and really needs 'the rubbish diet'!!!).


Hi Mrs G - the people are so fantastic aren't they, including your good self. I'm so chuffed to have had the opportunity to engage with so many people, including those who have read the blog and those who even blog themselves. Thanks for so much of your support. I really appreciate as for those tears, grab one of the cotton hankies promoted on Tracey's site :-D xxx

Hi Paul - thanks for popping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Do keep dropping by. And if you're up for slimming that bin of're sure amongst friends here :-D x

Jane said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you for the help and inspiration over this past year.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Green, I'm so glad it's not just me that's getting all soppy!!

Well done Karen and on top off all the waste you've saved isn't it fun?!

Spk soon,

Kate x

esther said...

Happy blogaversary, my dearest garblogger!! And so many wonderful people talking today on your blog! It's a great place to be, here, and thank you so much for inspiring us all and to make us laugh, you've got a great sense of humor!!

esther said...

by the way, loooove the video!!!

Karen J said...

From one Karen to another - Thank you for all you do. And thank you for such an inspiring post, I'm even more determined that our Zero Waste Week next week will be the start of something big for us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Huge congrats hon!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Well done on reaching your first birthday. The Rubbish Diet was the very first blog I ever read. You have inspired me to take up the challenge and give up my lazy habits. Thank you for your inspiration and for your determination to keep the recycling message uppermost in everyones eyes. Here' to the next exciting year and the publication of THE BOOK.

Katy said...

Happy birthday!! Break out the home made cake and ice cream, and don't forget to compost the balloons (I learned that from you ;) Kudos to Joseph for his straight-talking advice too. I await a guest blog post from him now!

Danda said...

What emotion! I spent almost an hour to read this post but it was incredible! Truly beautiful, a treat! I was really moved! You are a wonderful person! Thanks again and have a great new year with your blog and with your... book!

Jenny said...

I just wanted to drop by to wish you Happy Blogday from the whole Tetra Pak Recycling Team.

We admire what you've managed to achieve over the past year, and how you continue to inspire your followers.

We hope to get the opportunity to work with you in the next year of your diet and wish you good luck for your next 12 months.

Fay and I, thoroughly enjoyed the you tube film. Given how passionate I am about waste, I'm just sad I've never seen it before!!

All the best,

Jenny Walden,
Recycling Operations Officer, Tetra Pak

Baba said...

Well done you! A great blog and a great year! Thanks for putting that photo up - was one of our fondest memories of 2008
Much love XX

Karin said...

Congratulations on your first birthday - and you don't look your age. ;-)

What a lovely lot of messages. I've just come in from work and having a quick look while I have a cuppa, but I'll read them properly later.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Happy 1st birthday Mrs A and congratulations on a fabulous first year. I have only known you for about 6 months, yours being one of the first blogs I visited and you were the first to comment on mine. You haven't wasted a moment of your first year, just think what can be achieved in the future. We have certainly been giving more thought to how we reduce waste as much as possible and know that you have helped to turn thought into action. Well done and best wishes for the future.

A x


Thanks Jane and well done on your challenge earlier this year too :-D

Hi Kate - LOL, recognise that photo? Thanks for all of your help and setting me off in the first place. Keep inspiring all those folk in Norfolk. They're lucky to have you :-D

Hi Esther - Hee hee, glad you like those silly vids. No promises, but I'm planning another audio-visual moment for tomorrow. It's great to have you in France spreading the fun about reducing waste...thanks to you, I now take the paper off the cans :-D

Hi Karen - and what a great name (LOL). Cheers for popping over and leaving a comment. I wish you loads of luck next week. Keep focusing on your goal and you bin will soon start to look slimmer and stay that way. If you get a chance to have a poke around the blog. There's lots tucked away. And don't forget to come back and let us know how you get on :-D

Thank you so much Sarah. It really is much appreciated :-D

Hi Margaret - wow, I'm chuffed that this was the first blog you started reading. I am now intrigued how you came about it. But I suppose I have been around the recycling block quite a bit :-D

Hi Katy - I am just pleased that you joined in the garblogging trend. No cake today, just wine tonight (LOL) and as for young Joseph, dare I risk a whole blogpost...he's a bit bossy you know and so is his younger brother :-D

Hi Danda - thank you too for joining in and being a wonderful voice over in Italy. I wish my Italian was as good as your English. Hmm, now that might be my next challenge (LOL) :-D

Hi Jenny (and a big wave to the Tetra Pak team) - Thank you so much for popping over. And do hang around as you're in good company. I'd love to work with you in some way and find out more about what TP is doing, particularly in this current climate. Drop me a line ( :-D

Yay Baba - glad you loved the photo of the afternoon spent flying kites on the beach in Walberswick. It was a fab occasion but freezing cold. It took almost two hours for my legs and bottom to thaw out. Thanks so much for your words too. They're brilliant - you should have a blog you know :-D

Hi Karin - LOL, well I keep so young with just a dab of moisturiser you know and very little other make-up (hee hee). Enjoy your nice cup of tea and the messages and feel free to add your own too. You're an inspirational lady doing loads of amazing stuff in your neck of the woods :-D

Hi Anne - Thanks so much, it's great to have you around on blog....and I am definitely going to make more of that lovely Strawberry Jam...Can you believe I made jam! I gave a jar to my mother and she almost fell off her chair. I just wonder what else will come this year. It should be fun :-D

***By the way folks, have you spotted the difference. There's an extra message that was late coming through with the apologies of the sender, the lovely Jo Beaufoix. It's really worth a read, particularly as her bin was always overflowing with extra trips needed to the tip. They've done so well and are indeed having a lifestyle makeover themselves.

Also I used the wrong photo for Jen, but have updated it with the lovely one of her and Grant holding her bins - go and have another peek :-D

Thanks again everyone - am now going out to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday.

P.S. I hadn't realised this morning when writing the post but Mrs G has also featured me on her post today at Do go over and cheer her family on as they take part in another Zero Waste Week, this time for Gloucestershire. Over 1200 have joined in. Yay

Ruby said...

What a fantabulous post! I have just been back to re-read this for a second time. The Rubbish Diet Rules, hooray!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh well done you, that was brilliant and completely deserved. I feel all proud of you in a weird way. Remind me to give you an enormous hug next time we meet. Congratulations lovely, and thanks for changing our lives. You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, glad you stuck passed the eight weeks, been wonderful to meet you. Fiona

Alex Bone said...

Hey there! Somehow I missed this....its been such a busy couple of weeks. But I wanted to pop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Well done on one year of you blog, which is full of inspiration for anyone trying to get towards waste free or trying to persuade others to go towards waste free. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs so far and been inspired to post my own thanks to you. Now there is a little East Anglian army of bloggers from different backgrounds spreading the waste free word.




Yay Rubes -LOL, you do make me chuckle. And it's true, if you had never started blogging, I don't think I would ever have given it a go and there would never have been The Rubbish Diet blog. I'd still have slim bins though :-D xxx

Hi Jo - thanks for emailing your message over and sorry about the probs with Blogger last night. I added your comment while I was logged in, it looked like I was giving myself a huge pat on the back LOL, so for anyone looking in it would have looked a bit odd. I'm so glad that the Rubbish Diet treatment worked really well for you. I am just pleased to have been able to help. :-Dx

LOL Fiona - just imagine, it's true, we would never have met if I'd said "bye blog" after 8 weeks. Doesn't go to show the wonderful nature of the blogosphere. I'm so glad to have met you and your mum too. So as well as reducing, reusing and recycling perhaps the message should also be .... keep on blogging :-D

Yay Alex - thank you. I was dead chuffed to meet you at the conference last year and am more chuffed that you'd set up your fabulous blog. If you ever decide to change career, writing might suit you well :-D

By the way folks, I've got another encouraging message in from Dan at St Edmundsbury. Do go and have a look, it really does show it's all worth it :-D

Tracey Smith said...

Hey there missus!

Blimey, what a posting and a gert lush stack of comments popular gal!

So glad to be part of your celebration, only wish I could have raised a glass in your presence - another time.

Love always,
Trace x x x x

The Dotterel said...

Happy birthday!

Maisie said...

Well done you and many more years to come!!


Well hello me darling Tracey...LOL at Gert Lush. I'm proud that I know what that means. Saw it on a customised T-Shirt during our visit to Bristol (aka Bristle) over Christmas. Almost everything over the past year has been gert lush, especially yesterday when on your show I won the gert lush goody bag from er.. Lush. LOL. Anyway I believe you should start celebrating too, after all it must be a year ago that you started penning your doesn't that show how time flies :-D

Yay-thank you Dotterel. By the way, the book arrived from Amazon yesterday. Can't wait to get stuck in. P.S. Great photo too :-D

And thank you too Maisie especially for joining in with sharing the magic. It really is much appreciated. Folks you should also go and have nosey at Maisie's blog - link is under her comment shown in the main post. Her family are doing a fantastic job. :-D

I really am very overwhelmed by everyone's comments folk. As Ruby said the other day... there are a really nice bunch of people who stop by here. I just wish I could offer you a nice cup of tea, while you hang about. Seriously, thank you all so much. You support really is very much appreciated. Better stop there before I do a Kate Winslet, bless her.

Anyway as I write - I've noticed the clock is ticking and am aware that I've not posted today. It's all because I did another of my silly videos this morning and YouTube is being a pain in the proverbial, spitting out error messages as I'm loading it up...(okay it might be the Video Quality Police giving me a huge hint to give up now while my reputation's still intact). Anyway I think I might just relax and put my feet up and until it gets over itself. Keep your fingers crossed it will make it in time for midnight :-D

Anonymous said...

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