Tuesday, 6 January 2009

In 100 days, drive left and then turn right to landfill

If you're the kind of person who regularly berates the amount of over-packaged, over-blinged and over-rated crap to swamp our planet, I've got a real treat for you tonight as it's time to stand up and reveal the worst offenders.

Created by John Naish, author of Enough, The Landfill Prize is inviting nominations for the most needless, wasteful uses of our planet's precious resources that you've discovered in the last year.

So, if like me you have a pet hate up your sleeve, it's now time to flaunt it. Just pop over to www.enoughness.co.uk to see how you can nominate. You'll have to be quick though as the judging panel is getting ready to name and shame the worst offenders in February.

I've got my nomination sorted, representing a whole host of novelty gadgets whose only purpose are to amuse or bemuse for all of five minutes before they end up abandoned in a drawer or even worse in landfill.

My nomination is none other than an irritating product called the Sat Nag, which at £6.99 mocks the more well know Sat Nav device, blasting its owner with 24 annoying comments featuring totally unhelpful commands.

Typical phrases include "In 100 metres, I’m going to ask you to move over to the slow lane, so I can fix my makeup" and "You have reached your destination - you may now throttle your passenger."

It's not just unnecessarily irritating, it's irritatingly unnecessary and is as funny as your mother-in-law sat in the passenger seat, poking an umbrella in your ear hole.

Well that's my rant over. It's always therapeutic to get something off my chest and huge thanks to John Naish and The Landfill Prize panel for allowing me the opportunity. So with my nomination sorted, I wonder what yours would be. Go on....have a rant and then go and nominate!



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'm always having a rant about something or other so will have to think about that Mrs A. A bit like a cyber Room 101 - fantastic!
(is that what I mean?)
A x

Anonymous said...

Mrs A,

A useful thing from Sat Nag could be a "No backseat driver alert".

The most annoying waste for me is plastic packaging waste, as it is by far, the largest type.

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Anne I know what you mean...hope you enjoy the opportunity to name and shame :-D

Hi John - LOL, I agree plastic packaging waste is a huge problem of the "invisible" kind because many don't see it as having a value. What's worse is a lot of unnecessary novelty gadgets come with packaging that is over specified too. Remove one from the marketplace and you remove the other.

Now coming back to the subject of Sat Nags I have a seven year old who enjoys nothing more than shouting out his back-seat driver commands. He may be good with the bin but when it comes to back seat heckling that's another story :-D

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